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“This, is now.” 
- Laura Ingalls Wilder

Little ones and big ones.
Early bedtimes and late chapter book readings.
Noisy, messy breakfasts and homeschooling around the table together.
Learning about the skies and the heavens and seeing God’s majesty in Creation.
Lots and lots of laundry and sweeping and tidying and training.
Scraped knees and hugs and bee stings and tears.
Climbing maple trees to catch lost kitties.
Afternoon cloud gazing and evening star spotting.
and sisters watching baby grow and sleep.

This is my now.

September 15, 2014 - 9:52 pm

Heather - Deliciousness :)

Grab Your Bible.

A magnificent, powerful storm rolled across the September sky late yesterday afternoon … the girls and I were sitting outside on the back deck, watching the cloud billows and darken, mentioning we thought the weather was about to change – when, suddenly, it did.


Crazy winds picked up quickly and the skies filled with black, blue and grey clouds , lightening began to flash across the sky… perhaps we should head indoors, I mentioned to the girls … that’s all I needed to say when a few of them began crying {I have a few girls who are terrified of storms after a summer of tornado warnings and local touchdowns} and running for the back screen door …

Crying tears and shrieking like little girls, they ran as a frazzled frightened group down to the dirt-floor old basement of our home … I tried to calm them, to reassure them it was not a tornado {yet} and that they were safe inside … when they finally came back upstairs after much bribing , I could see they were carrying something in their little hands … they were carrying their blankies and their Bibles.


I couldn’t help but be proud of them – they didn’t bring their favorite toys downstairs or their beloved pets.
Nor did they run downstairs empty handed in total fear.
They took those extra steps and brought their Bibles.


I couldn’t help but wonder – in the storms of life, what – and who – do I cling to? What do I use as my security?

Oh, let me learn from these little children – let me cling to the steadfast, wonderful Word of God.
What are you running to when the skies begin to darken? Calling up your friends, relying on your husband, spilling your feelings through a facebook vent, or silly temporary happiness will not calm your soul like Jesus can.
When the storm rolls in, let the first thing I grab be my Bible.

 ”Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”
Matthew 11:28

September 10, 2014 - 3:41 pm

Kristina - Wow! How wonderful. You must be so proud of your lovely and wise little girls!

September 7, 2014 - 11:55 am

Roxana - That is a beautiful life story and you should really be proud of your girls!



Different as night and day, these two sisters are a fabulous duo – there’s never a dull moment in this house. If one is playing nicely, it is not long before the {ahem – younger} one comes and steals the doll, rolls her over with the stroller and moves on to the next chapter of her day. {Honestly I am working very hard to train this two year old but she is a stubborn, strong willed little thing!}

And yet as busy as it gets and with little rest in this messy-fun-life,  I wouldn’t have it any other way. While washing up a thousand muddy footprints of the {just washed} floor and steam cleaning the carpet for the 32nd time this summer,  I can quickly squash the feelings of annoyance when I switch my mind to realize that one day, there will be no {or less?} footprints to wipe up, the mudroom will stay strangely clean and the back screen door will no longer slam and shut 14,000 times a day. I do not want to begrudge these days with young ones in the house, I don’t want to wish away the busy-ness of potty training and unexpected snack times , mommy read this book one more time , please? and inquisitive little fingers trying to help {aka. eat all the grated cheese} while I prepare dinner.


This is our messy, happy life.

These two little girls are such blessings.

With babies, toddlers and preschoolers, big girls alike.

It’s a good life.

And I am grateful to be in it.


September 10, 2014 - 3:44 pm

Kristina - Leia is so big now that I don’t know her anymore! I can tell she’s a Gauthier girl, but she’s not the Leia that I remember. So amazing, how fast they grow. They do look like twins!

September 5, 2014 - 5:48 pm

Tara C - They look like twins! So sweet!! I can’t believe how big Leia is now!

Four Months

We interrupt what would usually be a back-to-{home}school post with this little bit of sweetness to brighten your day. She’s four months old, adorable and chunky and full of happy smiles!  She has found her cute little toes and tries with all her might to be awesome tummy crunches and then promtply falls sideways … she is not quite sleeping the night but I think that has more to do with a busy household of regular night time interruptions.

I cannot imagine one day without Lavender in our lives. xx



September 11, 2014 - 11:16 pm

Teresa - Oh my what a dolly

Dr. Dolittle

This has been our first experience with raising ducks. In total, we have seven, although only four that will be at laying age soon.

And it has been a delight to have these little creatures around this summer!  Lyla is our little Dr. Doolittle – she’s always in the coop, studying or ‘training’ the chickens, following the ducks around during the day, chasing them, talking to them … so far, she’s the only one that can actually catch the ducks to hold them.
Well, this guy pictured below is a drake, not a duck – he’s a male Roen and he’s hilarious. We just laugh as we watch the ducks waddle around in a line, wandering around, poking about. We call it Duck T.V. as they are quite humorous to observe.
Often times, we wake up to find the ducks at the back kitchen glass door, tapping the window with their bills, quacking at us. We wonder if they can smell breakfast or if they are just curious.



The girls named this duck below King Jeremiah. He’s the leader of the ducks thus far.

September 4, 2014 - 7:51 am

JES - Another lovely post! Your picture is gorgeous! We used to have ducks but our last property wasn’t big enough and we had to let them loose at a park (it was quite the S.W.A.T. team experience)… I have heard that duck eggs make the best ice cream though :) Thank you for sharing on the Art of Home-Making Mondays this week! Please join in again next week…