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Turning {Two}

“Turning two must be easy to do,
I just blinked my eyes, and it happened to you.

Seems like the days just go speeding right by,
Why you’ll probably turn three in the wink of an eye.

So let’s take time to celebrate your birthday today,
And cherish this moment before it slips fast away.”

Our little girl, Lavender, turned two yesterday …
we had a small {lavender} cake, some special gifts from her sister and a day outside in the glorious spring weather.
She finished the day with a natural, rustic setting for before-bed washing up …
happy as a lark …

Lavender Kate Delight has blessed us beyond words with just the two years she has been with us.
What joy she has brought to our home with her chubby smile, bouncing piggy tails and dear, sweet love for her bigger sisters. 

Happy birthday, dearest Lavender!

April 18, 2016 - 4:50 pm

Lauren - Oh my, Lavender is two already!!! It feels like yesterday I held that sweet small bundle! Happy birthday, sweet little girl!

April 18, 2016 - 9:34 am

Our Home of Many Blessings - Happy Birthday Sweet Lavender!!

Coltsfoot {Infused} Honey

Lyla came running up to the kitchen door a few weeks ago – and she proudly handed me “the first dandelion” of the season.


But no, this beautiful little yellow-burst-of-sunshine-in-a-flower was not a dandelion  … it was coltsfoot!


{It then, sadly, proceeded to snow for two weeks and we could not pick any more flowers… but now the sun has come out, the snow has melted and we went out to pick some more Coltsfoot.}


With our sweet little collection, we decided to make Coltsfoot infused honey, a perfect winter medicine for coughs.  {Sometimes with herbs, you need to think ahead of what you will do with them – even though it is quickly turning into spring, we know winter comes yet again – and so will coughs and sore throats}.

Yes, you may have heard of honey to help soothe a sore throat, I am sure, but adding in Coltsfoot is even more potent.

Although, to the quick eye, this lovely flower resembles a dandelion, it can be identified by difference in the stem of the flower – the dandelion stem is tubular and smooth, but coltsfoot has soft, white fuzzy  hair.  The leaves look a bit like a colt’s foot.

Coltsfoot is, in fact, one of the most popular herbal remedies for soothing a cough.

[If you so desire, you read more about Coltfsoot here. ]

All you need is a collection of coltsfoot, mason jar & raw honey. Fill your mason jar full of the flowers.



Then slowly pour your honey over the flowers. Use a spoon to help the honey down to the bottom of the jar. We used our honey from our own bees (which is a double a blessing) and poured the honey over the stem, leaves, flower and all.



Place the jar in a warm sunny spot for 4-6 weeks. If you must use it before the time period is up, it will not be detrimental.


The honey will slowly work out all the beautiful health benefits of the Colftshoot, infusing itself as a lovely, herbal cough medicine for you and your family.



April 16, 2016 - 5:53 am

admin - No, you keep the flowers in the honey. A daily spoonful put in tea or swallowed directly is all you need.

April 16, 2016 - 5:47 am

Maike - Will you have to take out the flowers after those 6 weeks? It mainly just looks like flowers with a tiny bit of honey coating in the jar as of now in the picture.

April 15, 2016 - 2:52 pm

Erin Lynn - Thank you so much for all the great posts on herbal remedies. I have just recently started to study and use them with my own children. Love it!

April 14, 2016 - 3:23 pm

Our Home of Many Blessings - Great !!! I love coming to your site!! This is wonderful i cant wait to see other great posts you share! I would love for you to share your posts on my monday of many blessings link up!!so you just scoop out a spoonful of honey and swallow it as needed for coughs?and how long do u keep it till you need to make another one?

Time for a {Doll} Tea

 ”Is your home in order or are you rushing about?
I’m talking about the general sense of organization in your home, not the messy closet that needs cleaning.
Anger and impatience that stem from [doing too many] things, making children feel like they are an intrusion,
makes difficulty in finding fondness for your children. So ask yourself …
are my children the intrusion or is everything else the intrusion? Do you delight in your children?
Are you fond of your children?”

-Donna Otto


Earlier this year, the girls were reading through some Tasha Tudor books {which we adore} … in her books, Ms. Tudor describes some beautiful happenings she put together for her children. From Sparrow Post to doll-sized fall fairs, floating birthday cakes down rivers (oh, we want to try that!), her life as a mother was inspiring. One of my girls asked me why we do not do more tea parties together or do some of the “fun and wonderful” things that is portrayed in the Tasha Tudor books.

That particular question  made me stop and think – and it was, indeed, one reason we started up our Tea on Two on Tuesdays. My heart knows this life with the children all under one roof is bit a short season. However, if I am to be honest, putting together tea every week can just look like another job added to my to-do list. There are dishes to be washed afterwards, floor to swept and general tidying from our tea break – not to mention the baking that is required for the tea.

But when I think of such tasks, I am quickly reminded that it is indeed a task of love, a sacrifice of time {an investment, perhaps?}, hopefully, into the lives of six young women being raised in my care. There is nothing worse than having a hairy-fast-paced schedule that leaves me a stressed out, upset mother, rushing to and fro, dragging the children in and out of the vehicle and trying to manage the home all at the same time. In our home, slowing down – choosing to do less outside the home – fits hand in hand with taking time for tea.  It is an opportunity for me to bake with the little girls, teach the older girls and allow them to choose the menu for the week’s tea and then guide them to bake the goodies themselves. It is a sweet opportunity to slow down the afternoon and sit together and enjoy our company over sweet treats and hot tea. It is not another task just to be done — it is all part of being desiring to be a {happy} mother that delights in her children. And I hope it shows the girls that I am fond of them. It is not a chore to spend time together.


And being that it is Tuesday, this afternoon, we set the table for tea at 2…this week, we invited the dolls …

One of the older girls made name place cards and tiny menus, detailing what treats were to be served. The girls dressed up their dolls and finished up their hair sweetly.




The little girls helped make the Pink Velvet cupcakes this morning while the bigger girls were at music lessons.


Lacey made the mini apple pies with Lovelyn’s help …


Mini-tea pots are required at a doll tea party.


We try to read some poetry at the tea party, as well – this week, we read Nonsense Poems by Edward Lear.  [His poems are quite funny and gave us all a laugh as we read about the girl who played the harp with her long pointy chin! So silly!]


In one of the books we read, they served Sweetheart Pudding. Such a treat was requested and so we made it for the first time. The girls loved it (much like a custard pie, if there is such a thing).


To my joy, I have received a few emails from other moms who have joined in a Tea on Tuesdays at Two. If you have chosen a weekly two – or even if you have just done it once – I’d love to hear form you and maybe even see a picture of two …


Enjoy your tea break this afternoon!


P.S. The above quote was taken from a podcast from Homemakers by Choice. You can listen to Donna Otto’s teaching online. I have been greatly encouraged by many of her podcasts and appreciate her mentorship to younger, Christian mothers and wives.

{This post has been linked up with Strangers & Pilgrims}



April 13, 2016 - 1:25 am

Mara - Another wonderful post and a great reminder to slow down. You’re right though, it can be hard when it feels like there is always so much that needs attending to. I try to remind myself of this often. My children are little but these days will go by far too quickly. My house will then be empty and clean. Now is the time to embrace these moments. Embrace the toys on the floor and the sticky hands. Our children learn so much from moments such as tea time, and those moments are what life is all about.

April 12, 2016 - 4:31 pm

Tawnia - It is daunting to add to an already busy schedule in a house full of children (4 girls of our own here!) but I am always inspired by your heartfelt posts, and encouraged that it is possible to mother a large group just as well as a small one. We will be joining you for Tuesday Tea at Two from this point forward as much as possible. All too often we put aside little things like this because there is so much to do…but these moments pass too quickly and one day my girls will be grown and I want fond memories, not regrets that I didn’t spend enough time with them.
Thank you for the reminder <3




This lovely fabric has been inspiring me to do something with it … it was a gift from a dear friend who used the original piece of fabric for lovely bunting for the girls’ room. A small piece was left over … just enough to help me create a fabric covered book … a home making book.

I have always thought those books/binders sounded weird. Why would someone need a binder for taking care of their home?

Seven children later and a house that needs maintenance … recipes that strike my fancy … details regarding homemade cleaning supplies, essential oils and herbs … where to plant and what to plant in the spring … yes, a homemaking book is indeed a handy tool.


However, I could not bare to place an ugly plastic binder on my shelf in the kitchen. I’m a firm believer that things may as well be pretty in your every day use.


This lovely rose-covered fabric? It fit perfectly over my homemaking book.

{Thank you, Cath Kidston. And thank you, Kate.}






I created some pages to go inside the binder – some with encouraging quotes or Scripture and others to identify categories, such as herbal, homemaking, homeschooling, natural remedies, etc.







I look forward to filling the book with details on this lovely task of homemaking.


Do you have a homemaking book? What do you keep in it?

I have created a link to the title page, along with a few category pages, if you are interested in using them to help you make your own book.

P.S. It is definitely spring (even if the weather does not agree) as we are over-laden with fresh chicken (and duck!) eggs. Are you a local reader? If you would like to be an egg customer, just send an email. We would be happy to fill your egg basket!


April 11, 2016 - 2:15 pm

Shelley - what a lovely keepsake to be able to be passed down to your girls, and their girls one day too! beautiful idea :) I keep a similar book, but with verses and quotes that speak to my heart, and I hope to pass it to my kids too! I should definitely make the outside of it look prettier tho ;)

April 9, 2016 - 10:08 pm

Our Home of Many Blessings - Gillian!I have a homemaking binder that iv carried around for years!!It is packed with verses and recipes…Your recipes you have shared, and lots of proverbs 31 material.I have pictures of my family scattered through it as well as menu plans,gardening,pantry stock up,organizing and so much more!..Its one of the best things iv ever done!

April 8, 2016 - 12:19 pm

Brenda (Gigi's Mom) - Great idea, Gillian!!! It looks soooo pretty!!!! And yes, I would LOVE some eggs, especially natural home grown eggs! xo

April 7, 2016 - 8:44 pm

Lauren - A homemaking binder is an excellent idea! I’m constantly keeping papers and such with all my favourite recipes and my cleaning schedule this place and that. I had bought a pretty binder for this purpose but couldn’t figure out a nice layout… Which order, what should I put in it, etc. there are so many things to keep track of!!!

Children’s {Multi-vitamin} Tea



For our Tea on Tuesdays at Two, Lyla and I decided to make our own kind of tea – a children’s multi-vitamin tea.

As Lyla mixed up the herbs, I told her what each herb would do for her body. It was a sweet addition to our afternoon tea party.


It is simple and easy to prepare if you have the herbs on hand.

Children’s Multi-Vitamin Tea Blend
Mix equal parts of the following:

Red raspberry leaf: contains iron, manganese which helps strengthen bones, calcium and magnesium {also helps to strengthen those young growing bones}

Oatstraw – contains chromium,  which is essential for regulating body sugar levels, and magnesium {helps those bones again!}

Rosehips – loaded with vitamin C {50% more than an orange!}, Vitamins A & E

Nettle – contains vitamins A & C, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium {maintains healthy blood pressure and aids in kidney health}

Peppermint – to sweeten the taste & calming to the tummy



We named our tea blend after Flopsy Bunny {we love Beatrix Potter stories!} … who had many, many bunnies that added to the delightful tales of the Beatrix Potter’s stories.


P.S. We drank our tea and ate muffins with strawberries and whipped cream while I read our read-aloud book – we are almost finished reading Corrie Ten Boom’s story, Keeper of the Angels Den. I have had to stop and gather my composure while reading of the dreadful happenings in the book. It is a heavy topic and a heart breaking story but a part of history that does need to be addressed. I’ll never forget reading her story as a young girl. May our courage to face such trials be so strong!


April 6, 2016 - 9:59 am

Sarah - This tea sounds wonderful!! I am trying to introduce more herbal teas to my daughter (she is 18 months). Lately she has enjoyed drinking chamomile tea with honey.