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Monthly Archives: March 2014

When Missionaries start small.

With five bright eyed girls sitting around their homeschool table, I crack open our book and skim to find the last page we read in our missionary story…     It’s a heart-breaking and wonderfully inspiring story of Amy Carmichael, a missionary to India in the early 1900s, who rescued hundreds of precious little girls…

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A Little Bit of Nesting.

First off, I must say THANK YOU for the wonderful response to the Looms for Love project! The girls are so excited to see so many other children want to get involved! We have stocked up on the elastic bands needed and nearly every afternoon, the three older girls are creating new bracelets for the…

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Looms for {Love}

I’m not a big fan of trends. So when the Rainbow Loom hit our house earlier this year and our home exploded with tiny, brightly colored elastic band projects everywhere, I wasn’t that impressed. I was tripping over these bracelets, they were driving me crazy … but the girls loved the Rainbow Loom. They¬†still love…

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Mommy, Please Cut my Hair.

Today, we cut hair. You see, the girls have been asking me to cut their hair so they could donate it towards creating wigs for those with cancer … For months, we’ve been praying for two people in our church with cancer. On Sunday, we met a little boy, the same age as Lyla, who…

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Things Can Get Messy.

The snow swirled briskly outside as four of my daughters joyfully and very excitedly left the house, in a bit of a rush, to spend the day at grampa’s sledding. As the big black truck pulled out of our snow-covered driveway, I picked up Leia, our youngest daughter (for yet another month) and gave her…

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