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Happy 10 months to our chubbalicious little {big} baby, Lavender … God is so good to have blessed our family with 18.5 lb. Lavender Kate Delight  – I’m so grateful! What we love about having our sweet sixth baby in our family: … When her little sisters say her name, it sounds like “La-dder”… ….

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Blessings upon Blessings…

Children – are you seeing them truly as a blessing or a curse, an annoyance, a punishment, to your life? A recent conversation with some friends was, sadly, very eye-opening  …  each conversation was “me- focused”,  excluding their children, speaking of how they avoided doing things together as a family by serving their own needs…

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a chubby {Delight}

  In the middle of a busy, snowy afternoon {yes, it’s beginning to look at a lot like Christmas around here!}, the girls helped take a few photos of our sweet baby Lavender … one girl held up the comforter, the other made sure she didn’t fall over while she sat like a big bag…

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God is my Employer.

  I remember this moment all too clearly. It was over eight years ago, my second daughter was just recently born and I was carrying her proudly in my arms. My mom was introducing me to a group of friends while attending a social event … “This is Gillian, my daughter – she’s a stay…

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{Five Months}

  It is hard to believe five months has passed since Lavender Kate Delight  was welcomed into our family … it’s nearly impossible to describe how much love can grow within your heart with each precious child the Lord gives to you …   I love everything about this little angel baby. I love her…

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