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God is my Employer.

  I remember this moment all too clearly. It was over eight years ago, my second daughter was just recently born and I was carrying her proudly in my arms. My mom was introducing me to a group of friends while attending a social event … “This is Gillian, my daughter – she’s a stay…

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{Five Months}

  It is hard to believe five months has passed since Lavender Kate Delight  was welcomed into our family … it’s nearly impossible to describe how much love can grow within your heart with each precious child the Lord gives to you …   I love everything about this little angel baby. I love her…

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“This, is now.”  – Laura Ingalls Wilder Little ones and big ones. Early bedtimes and late chapter book readings. Noisy, messy breakfasts and homeschooling around the table together. Learning about the skies and the heavens and seeing God’s majesty in Creation. Lots and lots of laundry and sweeping and tidying and training. Scraped knees and…

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Four Months

We interrupt what would usually be a back-to-{home}school post with this little bit of sweetness to brighten your day. She’s four months old, adorable and chunky and full of happy smiles!  She has found her cute little toes and tries with all her might to be awesome tummy crunches and then promtply falls sideways ……

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