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“I don’t want to kiss you good night So I’ll just keep on holding you tight ‘Cause I know you’ll change and you’ll grow You’ll get bigger with each morning light…”     Every day with Lazarus is sweeter than the day before. He is my little treasure. I often wondered if having a son…

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Slow Down & Listen Up.

  Have you ever seen an image of the Waltons gathered around their radio, together, at the end of a busy day? I’ve always loved that scene in my head. If our own living room can be such a picture of coziness and warmth, it would make my heart happy.       It’s nap…

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Just a photo of our little man …wrapped in a knitted shawl his big sister made …

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The Beginnings of Goat Milk {Finally}

Outside the living room window, a snow storm is just finished.  Dreary January rain has magically turned into swirling white snowflakes. Right now, with a barnyard full of mud and a soggy dirty driveway, I think my entire family has welcomed this fresh snow with joy and glee. {Leia, with her bantam/mini rooster, Rocky}  …

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