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{Almost} Turkey Time

Do you remember the pictures of our tiny turkeys from a few months ago?           Well, here is Lacey’s turkey – nearly grown up. He’s a good size but our friends’ turkeys, which are from the same hatch, are even bigger!   They still have one month to grow. Will this…

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Chicks, Rhubarb & Turkeys

    Early this Saturday morning, Abby drove an hour away to pick up our little chicks. They will be raised for meat and eggs – they are a heritage breed, called Chantceler. We have moved away from the “traditional” meat bird for various reasons {mainly, wanting to be even healthier}. This breed, which originated…

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Happy Hens & their Healthy Eggs

        It’s that lovely, lovely time of year again – when our hens, ducks and {two} geese burst outside to their little field and discover growing grass, collections of bugs and sunshine awaiting their feathers.   We do not pen our chickens, geese or ducks inside a caged run, so they are…

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Introducing Mervin…

For overĀ  a year, our eldest daughter has been raising and caring for a few Polish hens. They are a funny looking chickens – well, that is an understatement. They are very funky looking! She first saw one a few years ago and noted how strange and cute they were all at the same time….

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