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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Lavender Turns One

These past few weeks have been filled with cake, frosting and lots of ice cream as we celebrated three birthdays in less than a week … Lavender’s first birthday was the beginning of the celebrations … and although it was bittersweet, as all birthdays are when the first year ends, we had a sweet, quiet…

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Tea {with the Goats}

              For the past week, we have all been outside until the sun sets, living, reading, getting to know the goats, fixing up the fences, building a milking stand … {my poor children have been soaking up so much glorious sun that some of the girls have a bad…

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The Day Before The Day.

Today is a bittersweet day as it is Lavender’s last day of her first year of life. {In simpler terms, it’s the day before her first birthday.} Of course, as with each baby that has grown even though I tell them to stay little forever, it is impossible to believe a full year has gone…

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Kids & Children

Around our home, we don’t call children ‘kids’. We have children – not goats …   Until now. NOW, we have kids.  Kids and children. {Well, year old goats, so I suppose, technically they are no longer kids…} Yes, somehow after many, many discussions, and with the help of some trusted friends, my husband agreed…

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A-B-C Giveaway

Thank you to those who entered the giveaway from Moore Family Films. I’m sorry for the delay in writing – it has been busy with Easter and family this past week and April just appeared so quickly! The winner of the A-B-C- Say it With Me DVD is Erika! Congratulations, Erika, I know your family…

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