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Monthly Archives: July 2017

{Not} Getting with the Times

“What is the name at that dentist we need to book with?” I asked my husband this question while visiting him at work a few weeks ago. We had discussed the idea of braces for two of our children and needed to make an appointment. He pulled out a heavy barely-used phone book from the…

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Worth Calling a Career

“Being a mother is worth fighting for, worth calling a career,¬†worth the dignity of hard work.” ~ Edith Schaeffer   It always seems the sunshine and warm weather makes the children sprout up faster. And it is on those days, when I see their freckles spotting, their eyes twinkling, their little feet splashing in puddles…

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Baby #8 Update

    It is still a surprise and a wonderful delight to be carrying a new baby inside my womb yet again. God is very generous with His blessings with our family and I am so grateful! A little update about the pregnancy, as I have not written too much this time:   We are…

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