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Under Pressure

Right now, there is a sweet, dark haired baby girl resting on my chest after a busy morning bustling about with kitchen chores … the sky outside is grey with the promise of little sunshine … the big, steel pressure canner is simmering on the stove, filled with anticipation of autumn soups that will sustain…

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Homemade Mayo.

  I guess, truth be told, I have always been a bit of a homebody. That is, I like to be home. My mother, to this day, still says her best and happy years were the homemaking years. The years with children and the years with baking and family times and cooking and family meals….

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Bake a Cake.

Why I love homeschooling my girls: Reason 151.     “Let’s bake a cake, mommy!”   Okay … sure. Why not? It’s Thursday. Snow is falling outside like pretty sparkling, icy flakes in a crystal snow globe. Babies are crawling. Toddlers are toddling. Violin music is playing in the background. Some of our homeschooling books…

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Take time for Tea.

“To have some tea is one thing; to have tea with a creatively set table, candles, music and a beautiful book is quite another.  A cup of tea may temporarily satisfy the palate, but a tea time can satisfy the soul if you take the time to unlock the beauty that is possible there.” ~Sally…

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Making Things Easier.

  Dare I say it ….. but September is just around the corner.   *GASP* Slap me now. I know. But with the school days approaching for our family (okay, so it’s still a month away but I’m starting to plan our homeschooling year and get into that fall mindset with each passing day), my…

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