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A Visit to L.M. Montgomery’s Home

This is an unusual post for me – but one of our favorite little adventures is to take a peek into other people’s homes. The girls and I love to notice a home that has been decorated particularly pleasant, perhaps individualized for the owner’s personality, with a little whimsical touch here and there, something out […]

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Homemaking {in the Kitchen} for the Young Lady

“Cooking as an art – ‘Hidden Art’, if you want to call it – should be recognized and then developed in everyone who has to cook, wants to cook, or could cook! Cooking should not be thought of as a drudgery, but as an art. The danger today, for both men and women cooks, is […]

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Feminine Dressing ~ Your Clothes Matter

“In this culture, we should be a picture of femininity. We don’t want to try and be masculine, we don’t want to look masculine and we don’t want to be masculine in any way … we were created FEMALE and feminine and therefore that is how we should live. How sad to go through life […]

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