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A Spot of Serenity

“Who fed me from her gentle breast and hushed me in her arms to rest, And on my cheek sweet kisses prest? My Mother.” -Ann Taylor     A sense of gentle calmness and sweet peace in a whirlwind of crazy, loud, noisy, messy, wonderful, busy life … I’m always amazed at how great our…

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A Match made in Heaven.

So, I have this awesome client. Christine. And she’s been with me since the beginning six years ago when I first opened the studio. And she rocks. Plain and simple.  So when she asked me to shoot her wedding, it just felt right. It is so awesome to work with AWESOME people!! Working with her…

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{Love} & Marriage in a Corn Field.

You know you are working with an awesome bride and groom when they let you take them away between the ceremony and the reception, stick them in a damp, cold corn field in the country and they just look at you and say “We trust you!” …. sweet!!!!!! A big thank you to Diane &…

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A Wedding made in {Heaven}.

What can I say about Jeff & Heather’s wedding in the Dominican Republic?  It was gorgeous. It was beautiful.  It was stress free. It was SO MUCH fun. And it was hot! Loved being able to be there for you guys! Tons of people have been asking for this sneak peek so here it goes…

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Away, We Go!

So this is it! The bags are packed and the camera’s full charged, lenses clean and CF ready for shooting! Gigi Photography is off the Dominican Republic for four days to shoot a destination wedding!   Gigi Photography, being, well, me and my hubbs. 🙂    So, in the meantime, I obviously won’t be able…

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