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Comings & Goings

This weekend was a sad one for the girls and I. We had to sell our two baby buckling goats. Thankfully, they went to a loving home and they went together as buddies! We found it so heart breaking to separate mom and baby goat and sell our two little kids. I know, I know,…

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Canning Season

Tomatoes. Peaches. Blueberries. Sauces. Soups.   It’s canning season {perhaps mixed in with a smidge of nesting season?} and the little cream colored 1950s stove, nestled in my kitchen, has been hard at work for the past few weeks. Actually, we ended up outside on the back patio for most of our canning – it’s…

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Meet Marigold.

It’s funny to step back and see the little girl you are {humbly, fumbling with God’s grace} raising and realize she’s turning into something … wonderful … a little lady … someone who, albeit shyly, can handle responsibility and tasks that a few years ago were daunting. It’s beautiful to see the character and interests…

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We have kittens!! And oh my …. talk about the sweetness … I truly cannot think of anything cuter, sweeter, more adorable *with the exception of newborns! Hee hee!* Kittens are so. much. fun. We are working on trying to get them all in the basket for a photo but they do not want to…

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