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Winter Kidding

        With excitement in our eyes and hope in our hearts, we watched the miracle of birth in the cozy quarters of our homemade barn yesterday afternoon. The warm winter sun was melting away the snow and the sky was a crisp blue as cornflowers – it was a perfect day for…

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Making Winter Cozy & Warm

    Bone-chilling temperatures, frosty windows, ice-covered roads, biting winds and whirling snow flurries …  it is mid-winter here in Southern Ontario. For many of you in the warmer areas, you do not experience a harsh winter like ours. But if you visit Ontario in mid January, you will feel an immediate chill to your…

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A new Grandfather {Clock}

In a dusty, dark corner of a very old house, sits the tall, wooden worn out clock. It has seen its share of memories and pain, keeping perfect time with a tick and a tock. -The Grandfather Clock     When it comes to making a home, creating an environment that is memorable, filled with…

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