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Meet Marigold.

It’s funny to step back and see the little girl you are {humbly, fumbling with God’s grace} raising and realize she’s turning into something … wonderful … a little lady … someone who, albeit shyly, can handle responsibility and tasks that a few years ago were daunting. It’s beautiful to see the character and interests…

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We have kittens!! And oh my …. talk about the sweetness … I truly cannot think of anything cuter, sweeter, more adorable *with the exception of newborns! Hee hee!* Kittens are so. much. fun. We are working on trying to get them all in the basket for a photo but they do not want to…

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Hard to believe … how can it be?!… but it is July already. Happy Canada Day to my Canadian friends. We are celebrating by staying home and having a regular day. How about you? Our mornings around here are so noisy – is your home noisy in the morning, too? We have a friend coming…

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Kindness without Hypocrisy

Recently, our family witnessed some seeds of un-kindess sown towards others. It amazed me at how the ripple effect of the unthoughtful act sadly affected the two families involved- those who were unkind and those who were hurt. Everyone felt upset, all feelings were bruised and at the end of the day, it all stemmed…

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Number our Days.

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90:12   Hearing a sermon this morning refreshed my heart and mind, reminding me that our days our short on this earth … this is our temporary home … and we need to number our days. Many of us…

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