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Saturday Ramblings

Like tiny sprinklings of icing sugar, the long-awaited (for us) snow is quietly falling from heaven outside my kitchen windows as I type. I’m finally sitting – after a morning of stripping everyone’s beds, doing laundry, hanging sheets to dry outside on the line and beside the woodstove (we do not use a dryer), cleaning…

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New {Old} Bed

With the upcoming arrival of baby #7, we’ve had to make some bedroom/sleeping adjustments. For about 3/4 of a year, Leia (our fiesty, very smart and mischevious three year old) has been sleeping in our room so we could, literally, keep an eye on her. She is the type of child who does everything you…

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Making Mixes

Nesting. It’s a wonderful thing. Except I think I would do all of these tasks anyways, even if I was not having another baby. For our family, getting ready for baby really only involves the following: – strip cloth diapers {done} -air out baby bed with fresh linens (although the baby co-sleeps with us for…

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And then We Were Five.

It’s been busy around here lately – with scrumptious Thanksgiving feasts, reconnecting with out of town company and extended family members, family baptisms and of course … Lovelyn’s birthday! Five years ago, our tiniest baby yet was born the day after Thanksgiving. So each year, her birthday is in the mad dash of turkey, stuffing,…

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Comings & Goings

This weekend was a sad one for the girls and I. We had to sell our two baby buckling goats. Thankfully, they went to a loving home and they went together as buddies! We found it so heart breaking to separate mom and baby goat and sell our two little kids. I know, I know,…

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