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It’s someone’s first Christmas in this house … and having half a dozen children under roof, this is truly a special time of year …      

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In the {Messy & Mundane}

Another morning of freshly fallen November snow beckoned my children to venture outdoors int the magical world of sparkling snow … a long awaited Canadian moment – the first “real” snow fall of the year, the breaking out of warm snowsuits and  woolen toques, winter waterproof mittens and hand-crochet scarves tied tightly around little faces…

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a chubby {Delight}

  In the middle of a busy, snowy afternoon {yes, it’s beginning to look at a lot like Christmas around here!}, the girls helped take a few photos of our sweet baby Lavender … one girl held up the comforter, the other made sure she didn’t fall over while she sat like a big bag…

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Lovely {Lotion Bars}

A little easy make-yourself-gift for new mothers, dear friends, old friends and new ones … something to simple to make in the comforts of your own cozy kitchen during a cold Autumn or winter morning … {Moisturizing Lotion Bars} The original recipe can be found here at Bambi’s Nursery of the Nation blog.  {This is…

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