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The Household {+ a Homemade Bagel Recipe}

    The [Biblical] word household is “therapeia” in the Greek and means “attendance to medical needs, domestic, healing.” In other words, out homes should be homes of healing —healing the spirit, the soul, and the body. That’s why God ordained the home. It is an oasis from the storms of life, a sanctuary from […]

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Some Easy Tips & Recipes for Busy Kitchens

    “The person who decides what shall be the food and drink of a family, and the modes of its preparation, is the one who decides, to a greater or less extent, what shall be the health of that family.” – The American Woman’s Home, Harriet Beecher Stowe     This morning, after lighting […]

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Wonder & Enthusiasm of Childhood

“Society is giving more and more entertainment to children that is adult planned … it actually robs them of what childhood means. That is spoiling them. I always thought letting children be children to mean ‘preserving their innocence, wonder and enthusiasm’. Yet today, we begin when they are babies to dull that fresh eagerness with […]

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