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There’s a little sign on my kitchen counter that says “Be Filled with Joy!” It serves as an amazing reminder to choose to be joyful when, perhaps, my natural inclination of the day is to go the other way … After all, let’s be honest, not all days feel full of joy. But the truth…

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Bri & Flicka {Mini Horse Love}

  “All horses deserve, at least once in their lives, to be loved by a girl…”       Spending the evening with a beautiful young lady and her precious {miniature} horse was truly delightful …   sometimes, I do think, in this world of digital and technology and screens and rushing to and fro, we…

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Glimpse in Time

Things have been so busy around here lately … apple picking, winterizing the chicken coop (still in progress), stacking firewood, canning food, switching clothes from summer to fall for six children (that alone can take up my entire week!) and getting into the groove of schooling every day … we have such a long list…

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Dr. Dolittle

This has been our first experience with raising ducks. In total, we have seven, although only four that will be at laying age soon. And it has been a delight to have these little creatures around this summer!  Lyla is our little Dr. Doolittle – she’s always in the coop, studying or ‘training’ the chickens,…

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