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A bit of Rambling

For the past week or so, things have been so busy. Coming home from our camping trip at the beginning of the month, it feels like the to-do lists have not stopped. It is all work at home type projects so for that, I am grateful. You will not find me out running about off…

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Bunnies & Mothering

And we have baby bunnies now! Both Lacey’s {lionhead} and Lucia’s {chinchilla} rabbits were bred and produced a lovely litter of seven bunnies in total.     They are, of course, very cute.   And one of our broody hens hatched her little chick … I always love to see all this mothering happening around…

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Turning {Two}

“Turning two must be easy to do, I just blinked my eyes, and it happened to you. Seems like the days just go speeding right by, Why you’ll probably turn three in the wink of an eye. So let’s take time to celebrate your birthday today, And cherish this moment before it slips fast away.”…

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