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Saturday Ramblings

Like tiny sprinklings of icing sugar, the long-awaited (for us) snow is quietly falling from heaven outside my kitchen windows as I type. I’m finally sitting – after a morning of stripping everyone’s beds, doing laundry, hanging sheets to dry outside on the line and beside the woodstove (we do not use a dryer), cleaning…

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Cinnamon {Love}

A sweet older lady came up to me at church yesterday and, shaking her head,  said “You must be so busy this time of year ….” While I suppose that is a teensy bit true, aren’t we all a little bit busier this season? But somehow, we have managed to stay clear of the crazy,…

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Giving in a {Greedy} Society

  In a world that is consumed with instagram selfies,  personal Facebook status updates, ‘I deserve a break’ mentality and a general North American spoiled lifestyle, how do we keep our children and our families from being sucked into this vicious vortex of selfishness and ungratefulness? Especially … during the holidays … when gifts are…

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