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Monthly Archives: November 2010

Oh, Christmas Tree.

Every Christmas, as a little girl, my family had a tradition. We would all go out together and choose our family Christmas tree at the local Christmas Tree farm. Heading out to theĀ  farm with my younger brother, older sister, mom and dad was always one of the best holiday memories I can remember …….

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Yes, I am alive!!! I haven’t been able to post much lately – Lovelyn LOVES to be held and cuddled at night (which is when I do most of my blogging/proofing) and doesn’t let her momma put her down much right now … so my hands are full and my days are short! I also…

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So this is Christmas – what have you done?

And so it begins … the Christmas season is upon us. Yahooooo! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas – I love living in Ontario for Christmas … seeing the white fluffy snow fall … snuggling indoors with a warm fire and an old Christmas classic movie … family get-togethers and friends sharing the joy … oh,…

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Four Weeks …

It feels like she’s been in my heart, in my arms … forever … not just four weeks … how we love you, Lovelyn! I literally miss her when I have to put her down to wipe a counter, vacuum a floor or fold a basket of laundry … I feel *very* blessed to have…

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These Days.

These days. They may be foggy. The nights … they are long … A tired, but surreal bliss, hangs over my head … yes, the newborn-fog has hit me. I’m running on little sleep and yet I do not want to miss *anything* over the next few weeks or months … the next year ……

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