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Monthly Archives: September 2009

{Flia} …

Okay, it’s time for another giveaway …. but FIRST … I know Melina is dying to see some sneak peeks… 😉 So here it goes! What an amazing family – I knew as soon as they drove up that they would be a fun family to work with!   As a mom, when I opened…

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{Beauty} Overload!

Can you STAND all this beauty on the blog lately?! Seriously. I am so lucky to be the one photographing you all!! I love it! Poor Sherri has been waiting for her sneak peek – well, it’s here now! 🙂 Believe it or not, Sherri and I go WAY back ….her nephew is my parent’s…

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This weekend, I shot an amazing wedding … more coming to the blog soon, but just wanted to post at least one picture … Heather of Duncan Photography was awesome to work with – yet again! Thank you, Heather, for your amazing help and support!    {Believe it or not, I haven’t had a chance to…

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Seventh Heaven.

At this moment seven years ago, I was getting dressed in my wedding gown (still my favorite dress ever!) and having my hair and makeup done … stepping from the threshold of being a Miss to Mrs.    I *SO* wish I had a professional photo to share here on the blog, but alas, the…

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Grace & {Beauty}

Sessions like this leave me feeling energized and completely in love with my job….             I am a lucky girl to be doing *exactly* what I love ….

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