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Monthly Archives: September 2010

From the Blue House {with Love}.

Meet Jenn. Mom to two beautiful, dinosaur hunting boys. Wife to one awesome hubby. And one amazing business owner of From the Blue House with Love. Oh, and she sews up a wicked storm, too. Down to earth, natural, and full of love is how I would describe their session. It was so fun running…

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Today was a roller coaster of emotions, to say the least. From celebrating my 8 year anniversary with my hubs, Abby, to joining my family in honoring my father-in-law with a well-deserved award from the Town of Orangeville … to spending the entire morning of my day worrying that there was something wrong with my…

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{Love} & Marriage in a Corn Field.

You know you are working with an awesome bride and groom when they let you take them away between the ceremony and the reception, stick them in a damp, cold corn field in the country and they just look at you and say “We trust you!” …. sweet!!!!!! A big thank you to Diane &…

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Grow, baby, Grow.

Tomorrow I’m scheduled for another ultrasound. That’s two in one week. I have never had so many ultrasounds with one pregnancy before. Can you please pray that baby has gained some weight? Apparently, it’s growing at a sluggish rate and is measuring quite a few weeks behind. My doctor is a bit concerned and has…

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~ To be pregnant is to be vitally alive, thoroughly woman, and undoubtedly inhabited. ~ Anne Buchanan Soon … … you will be holding your wee baby in your arms and falling in love all over again … … and introducing your baby to your sweet family. Ami, you are so blessed … I can’t…

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