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A Post Full of Good Food {Getting the Freezer ready for Baby}

“No one has been given more than 24 hours for each day. The secret is not to get more time. It is to manage our time. It takes only a little time to plan the savings of much time. Use your freezer to save time. Prepare freezer main dishes. Set aside a period of time […]

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Frugal, Healthy, Hearty Lentil Soup for February

My daughters and I are convinced – we love winter eating!   The fantastic menu varieties, the hearty dishes, delicious stews and healthy soups are so appetizing. Comfort foods abound in our home the moment the first snowflake flies until the first icicle begins to drip, drip drip and melt in March (or, honestly, sometimes […]

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Baby #9 {Update}

“To bear and raise godly children is to leave a legacy for future generations. The legacy of homes, land, and wealth is great, but these can be destroyed and vanish away. The legacy of children will last through the generations. To bear children is to lay up treasure in Heaven. God is not only interested […]

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