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Baby Goats {update}

Nearly a week has passed since our sweet triplet kids goats were born. We ended up bringing the two weakest goats inside to monitor them closely, warm them up during the first 48 hours and feed them some medicine that we hoped would help them become stronger.   Of course, a few hugs and warm…

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All Creatures {Great & Small}

“All things bright and beautiful All creatures great and small All things wise and wonderful The Lord God made them all….” (This was our morning song a few months ago – how applicable it was to sing it today.)   Still basking in the joy of another lovely goat birthing, we were saddened to find…

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Winter Kidding

        With excitement in our eyes and hope in our hearts, we watched the miracle of birth in the cozy quarters of our homemade barn yesterday afternoon. The warm winter sun was melting away the snow and the sky was a crisp blue as cornflowers – it was a perfect day for…

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Walter & Lazarus

“The day after Billy Whiskers was sold to the Biggses, he was shut in a small yard to keep him out of mischief. Feeling lonesome, he thought that he would jump the fence and look around a little. He was getting cross-eyed looking through the palings of the fence which were very close together, so…

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The Beginnings of Goat Milk {Finally}

Outside the living room window, a snow storm is just finished.  Dreary January rain has magically turned into swirling white snowflakes. Right now, with a barnyard full of mud and a soggy dirty driveway, I think my entire family has welcomed this fresh snow with joy and glee. {Leia, with her bantam/mini rooster, Rocky}  …

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