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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Little Felix.

I’m not ‘officially’ off work and not officially back to work. I have no idea what I am – self employed, that’s what I am. All of you self – employed home based business owners out there will understand where I am coming from. *smile* But although I’m not officially back into full swing, I…

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Moon Sand & Lovely Lilacs.

We are done 99% of our bookwork for school … so we’ve been ‘living it up’ a little …   Playing with Moon Sand (aka. 8 cups of flour mixed with 1/2 cup of oil – big hit with all the girls, as you can tell! It’s sand you can shape!).     {Shhh, don’t…

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Ted + Alice = ♥

One blessed fall day, we adopted Lady Alice. The perfect fit for our little family of girls … she’s so lovely, incredibly soft and, obviously, thinks she’s more of a human, than a pet, somedays.  {See below.}       and then one fine spring weekend, Ted, a lonely, homeless bunny managed to make himself…

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The tired, wonderful years.

My husband had to work on Mother’s Day. There was laundry piled up from the half week before that needed to be done. Sunday morning was rushed and a bit (a lot!) stressful getting to church. Lyla woke up sick on the bathroom floor. Dinner still needed to be made. Baths still needed to be…

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Waking up for the past two weeks to see this sweet little face is just so wonderful … her little squeaks and cries … all part of the wonder of a newborn baby …   Can you believe two weeks? I can’t. Her due date is tomorrow. I love that I’ve had all this extra…

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