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{Home Library} A Faith-filled Life & Faithful Wife

“According to my judgement the most important point to be attended to is this: above all things see to it that your souls are happy in the Lord. Other things may press upon you, the Lord’s work may even have urgent claims upon your attention, but I deliberately repeat, it is of supreme and paramount…

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Receiving Trials

    “To presume that life will be better when one is a Christian is a piece of arrogance… ‘Lord, You have assigned my portion and my cup, and have made my lot secure’ (Psalm 16:5). I know of no greater simplifier for all of life. Whatever happens is assigned. Every assignment is measured and…

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With {Foal}

I always adored James Herriot’s stories when I was younger. I was given one of his books and treasured it. Animals were something I loved easily – in fact, I have many tales from my childhood that involved an animal … sneaking in little toads to play in my dollhouse and then discovering they all…

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