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With {Foal}

I always adored James Herriot’s stories when I was younger. I was given one of his books and treasured it. Animals were something I loved easily – in fact, I have many tales from my childhood that involved an animal … sneaking in little toads to play in my dollhouse and then discovering they all…

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  One of the reasons we wanted to get a {mini} horse is for our eldest daughter – who is 12 years old and growing up quickly but slowly all at the same time… she has had a love affair with horses since she was very little … we did not want miss this little…

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A Dreamy Day

Yesterday was probably one of our dreamiest days ever as a family.   The arrival of a long-anticipated-wished-for-dreamed-of extended animal family member….   Yes … something the girls have saved up for, read about, hoped for, but had no clue we had arrangements in the works for their special surprise to arrive this lovely Saturday…

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