With {Foal}

I always adored James Herriot’s stories when I was younger.

I was given one of his books and treasured it. Animals were something I loved easily – in fact, I have many tales from my childhood that involved an animal … sneaking in little toads to play in my dollhouse and then discovering they all hopped away during dinner time … my young mind kept wondering where they went and who would discover them first … or the time I let a stray cat into my room and lied about it, therefore paying the consequences (it was easy for my parents to find out I lied – as there were muddy cat footprints everywhere) … or sitting silently in the field behind my house, writing poetry in the calm around me, only to look up and see a beautiful gentle deer standing just a few feet away …

Yes, I suppose that is why we have so many animals all around us. We are not only raising some for meat and for life – but also for love.


I looked outside to the small barnyard today to see Lacey surrounded by her goat, Marigold, her mini horse, Spirit and her turkey, who yes, was spared from slaughter (although he is now as tall as the horse and the goat!). It was a funny sight to behold. This giant, gangly turkey amongst the pretty ladies of the farm …


But yes, I do believe Lacey may be taking after her mother’s love for animals.

Yesterday was a special day. It was the day a local veterinarian came to our home to do an ultrasound to see if Spirit, the family mini horse, might be pregnant. She was bred in the summer to a lovely, fiery stallion and since then, we have only hoped and guessed if she was pregnant or not.




It was quite an adventure to have the ultrasound as it was internal. Poor Spirit! But with help from Lacey and myself, pushing her against a sturdy wall, the vet was able to show us a scan …


Indeed, Spirit is pregnant! {Yippeeee!!}



What a fun summer the girls will have next year!

October 21, 2017 - 6:21 pm

Gigi I remember that story – quite funny!!!

October 21, 2017 - 11:31 am

Brenda (Gigi’s Mom) Maybe my love of salamanders and red racer snakes has been passed down to Lucia 🙂 It was quite funny because when Auntie Marie came to stay, she always slept in my room. For awhile she didn’t know they were under the bed but when she found out, I had to move them. LOL

October 21, 2017 - 11:29 am

Brenda (Gigi’s Mom) Oh I am so happy for Lacey & Spirit!!! Yes, what an exciting summer that will be. Is there a due date? That will be a great science lesson for all. The birthing of a foal 🙂
Yes, Gillian, you loved your “pets” and now are passing down that love to your children! How wonderful…..
I too loved animals, LOL You know that already and I am sure you love has been passed to you by myself 🙂
! I kept salamanders and red racer snakes under my bed when I was young. When I was twelve, I wanted cats so I went around the neighbourhood and gathered every cat I could find and brought them back to my small 8×8 bedroom. When my mom opened that door, later that day, she freaked out! I had about 20 cats in my bedroom but was in my feline heaven! Unfortunately I had to return the all, but it was a bit of chaos because I did not remember all their homes. I’m sure they found their way back though. I also had gerbils, hamsters and guinea pigs, even when I was first married. And then I had 2 cats that kept having kittens … soon we had so many cats, that your dad put a stop to it. I scaled back, for the sake of my marriage, LOL not really, but I started to have children instead and that kept me busy. I still love animals and enjoy seeing that at your homestead. Thank you for teaching the children to love animals. xoxo