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Glimpse in Time

Things have been so busy around here lately … apple picking, winterizing the chicken coop (still in progress), stacking firewood, canning food, switching clothes from summer to fall for six children (that alone can take up my entire week!) and getting into the groove of schooling every day … we have such a long list…

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To Dream.

This past summer, my two oldest girls have been blessed to spend some time at a local miniature horse farm, Applebrook Farm.  The girls have learned how to groom the horses, muck the stalls, and even do some running obstacles .. it’s been a huge blessing in our lives … as we have one little…

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“This, is now.”  – Laura Ingalls Wilder Little ones and big ones. Early bedtimes and late chapter book readings. Noisy, messy breakfasts and homeschooling around the table together. Learning about the skies and the heavens and seeing God’s majesty in Creation. Lots and lots of laundry and sweeping and tidying and training. Scraped knees and…

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Grab Your Bible.

A magnificent, powerful storm rolled across the September sky late yesterday afternoon … the girls and I were sitting outside on the back deck, watching the cloud billows and darken, mentioning we thought the weather was about to change – when, suddenly, it did.   Crazy winds picked up quickly and the skies filled with…

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  Different as night and day, these two sisters are a fabulous duo – there’s never a dull moment in this house. If one is playing nicely, it is not long before the {ahem – younger} one comes and steals the doll, rolls her over with the stroller and moves on to the next chapter…

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