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Fire Cider

 Prevention is better than cure.      – Desiderius Erasmus My husband is a funeral director, an undertaker, a mortician  … he is a very hard worker – he works long hours at his job and then works long hours at home. He’s constantly in the public and in hospitals. If he is not careful, often falling…

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Right Here

I often read blogs or hear from other women who have children that are grown. They say to cherish every day, make the most of family moments, love more, give grace, have fun with your children, raise them to love the Lord … I feel like I am in the thick of it all –…

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Bread Making

  “Cast your bread upon the waters, and after many days it will come back buttered.” -Louise May Alcott   I recently found a *fabulous* bread recipe that is basically a no-fail recipe. I was so impressed with this recipe and the results. Recently, the girls & I read a book where a young girl…

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“I don’t want to kiss you good night So I’ll just keep on holding you tight ‘Cause I know you’ll change and you’ll grow You’ll get bigger with each morning light…”     Every day with Lazarus is sweeter than the day before. He is my little treasure. I often wondered if having a son…

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