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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Do you love being home? {+ a homemade pasta recipe}

September was such a pleasant month. It’s hard to believe it’s quickly coming to an end.   We were on our way homeĀ  from the girls’ Bells and Chimes choir practice the other day and we had to stop at the cottage (Grandparent’s home) quickly. My father in law and his retired good friend were…

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Honey Harvest

It was a beautiful warm September day… our honey bees were out buzzing with delight, bouncing from goldenrod to the leftover flowers in the gardens alongside the house … it was time to harvest the honey! The main thing we have learned this year in bee keeping is to respect the bees. They are truly…

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Cauliflower {Baby}

Apparently, our wee baby in the womb is the weight of a cauliflower right now – although I do tend to have smaller babies so maybe not yet? But I certainly feel pregnant!   {26- 27ish weeks}   I do not take this pregnancy lightly – as I could have never imagined I would be…

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Comings & Goings

This weekend was a sad one for the girls and I. We had to sell our two baby buckling goats. Thankfully, they went to a loving home and they went together as buddies! We found it so heart breaking to separate mom and baby goat and sell our two little kids. I know, I know,…

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