Comings & Goings

This weekend was a sad one for the girls and I. We had to sell our two baby buckling goats. Thankfully, they went to a loving home and they went together as buddies! We found it so heart breaking to separate mom and baby goat and sell our two little kids.

I know, I know, what a serious hardcore ‘farmer’ I am – not! {Can I blame it on pregnancy hormones?!} We would have kept these lovely sweet boys (as we bottle fed Moses, the white one, from birth, after his momma died) but we thought it would be a bad idea to have too many males outnumbering the females (a problem we have had before with other animals – not a good setup).


We are grateful they are in a good, loving home and not in a stew pot. 😉



But before we sold both goats, Lacey and Lovie entered wee David, our young pymgy goat, into the fall fair. David won second prize. Lovie was thrilled to bits!




We also had all our meat birds butchered (what an experience!) to stock up the freezer … we did not butcher the chickens ourselves as it was only $3 per bird to have culled. It was an ‘interesting’ learning experience for the girls, to say the least. But it sure felt amazing loading up the freezer with meat we knew we raised ourselves!

Next up, we are hoping to harvest the honey tomorrow. Hmmm – that will be interesting … I will try to take photos. I have heard it is the one time you are destined to get stung! Yikes!
I still have about two bushels of tomatoes that need canning from the garden. I have been canning non stop for what seems like a month now! I’m getting tired but I know it will be worth it mid winter when we go to the cellar and have such beautiful food stored away.