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Chicks, Rhubarb & Turkeys

    Early this Saturday morning, Abby drove an hour away to pick up our little chicks. They will be raised for meat and eggs – they are a heritage breed, called Chantceler. We have moved away from the “traditional” meat bird for various reasons {mainly, wanting to be even healthier}. This breed, which originated…

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Teaching Children: Scheduling the Chores

Do you struggle with implementing a chore system for your children? Perhaps it seems like more work than just doing the chores yourself. That may be true, but the long term benefit – for you, your entire family and your individual child – will pay off in years to come. With Pinterest and many homemaking…

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Rainbow Ridge {Wormery}

Thank you all for the fabulous, loving comments regarding our pregnancy! It was so encouraging to read your loving and kind words. I’m nearly halfway through the second trimester now and feeling the baby move, which is so wonderful! We are choosing midwives yet again (they have been amazing to me! I need to write…

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“Children should not be told to hurry up when they are young and little … Certainly {you should not be} telling your children to hurry up because of YOUR agenda … and as a parent, your children should not be an interruption to you. That means that the priority in the relationship as a mother…

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