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  For our family … Easter is a time of honoring the death, the sacrifice and the most amazing resurrection of Jesus, our Savior! It is a very exciting weekend for us as we gather with friends and family to celebrate our Risen Savior. What a blessed and glorious time! We can face tomorrow because…

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940.     From the moment your child is born until they turn eighteen, that’s how many Saturdays you have to spend with your child.   Sounds like a long time? It’s not. I know it’s not because, that, my friends, is already half over for my time with oldest daughter … in this day…

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When Today is {Just} a Gift.

“Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.” -Benjamin Franklin Walking through a local thrift store with my oldest daughter, looking for wool for our random knitting and crochet projects, I heard the cheerful sound in the cluttered background.   A discarded, perhaps once loved,…

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“Your children deserve you right now … because ten years from now, your children will be grown and on their own … your opportunity [to work] will still be there because your talent is there. Ten years from now, you will still be able to follow your talents and goals, but ten years from now,…

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The Day I Fell for a Cow.

    I must admit … I have a dream of owning my own [milking] cow  … one day [soon]. It may seem strange and my husband often laughs … a bit nervously … wondering if it will actually come to pass. My girls know I pray for this opportunity, if it is the Lord’s…

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