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I wish I could write more, proof more images and stay up later to finish editing … but we’re leaving for our family trip to Disney World in the morning and the to-do list is still staring me in the eyes …. so this is is a mini sneak peek for Tanya. I shot this…

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A sweet new blossom of humanity. — Author Unknown [Can I just say I adore this family image? Jillian, you are so blessed!] Welcome, sweet baby Myles.

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Stay this Little.

“Don’t you ever grow up … Don’t lose the way you that you dance around in your pjs, getting ready for school … Take pictures in your mind of your childhood … memorize what it sounded like when your dad gets home … remember the footsteps … remember the words said … remember the favorite…

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This weekend, we celebrated our oldest daughter’s 7th birthday … I have no idea how we could already be wishing her a Happy 7th! I remember the day she was born so clearly. The day she made Abby and I parents. The day I became a mom. I felt so proud, holding my little, wee…

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Show & Share.

Okay, are you ready? All this past week, we’ve been running a contest on the Gigi Photography facebook page – we had TONS – and I mean, TONS!!!! – of submissions! You guys are awesome!!!! I definitely think we should do this contest again in the future. But for now – using the good old…

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