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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Delicious Rhubarb Ketchup

  If your garden is bursting with those big leafy lovely stalks of rhubarb, here is a way to use one of Spring’s first wonderful vegetables.     Don’t judge this recipe by the title of it – it is so delicious, so scrumptious, your family will love it! We have used it on steaks…

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Chicks, Rhubarb & Turkeys

    Early this Saturday morning, Abby drove an hour away to pick up our little chicks. They will be raised for meat and eggs – they are a heritage breed, called Chantceler. We have moved away from the “traditional” meat bird for various reasons {mainly, wanting to be even healthier}. This breed, which originated…

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Teaching Children: Scheduling the Chores

Do you struggle with implementing a chore system for your children? Perhaps it seems like more work than just doing the chores yourself. That may be true, but the long term benefit – for you, your entire family and your individual child – will pay off in years to come. With Pinterest and many homemaking…

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Teaching Children: The Value of Chores

  Growing up, doing chores around the home was a given. My two siblings and I had chores for as long as we can remember – stuck to the side of the kitchen fridge, my organized and tidy mother posted a schedule of our weekly household chores. And we did them. There was no need…

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