Seventh Heaven.

At this moment seven years ago, I was getting dressed in my wedding gown (still my favorite dress ever!) and having my hair and makeup done … stepping from the threshold of being a Miss to Mrs. 


I *SO* wish I had a professional photo to share here on the blog, but alas, the days of digital photography were just beginning seven long years ago so this is just a snapshot of our wedding day. Believe it or not, yes, that little adorable bunny I am holding in this picture was my bouquet. His name – Oscar. And he was my sweetie BEFORE Abby so he was included in our ceremony …. the fact that Abby didn’t laugh or forbid a bunny rabbit in the wedding party says a lot about that guy. 😉 He’s pretty easy going and I love that about him! 



Now, two houses, three little girls, three dogs (oh dear, a really bad track record there!) and one cat and bunny later, we’re here at the seven year mark. WOW, what a journey is has been already! We most certainly do not have the perfect marriage, but we’re working on it and we’re learning more and more about WHAT makes a marriage work every day.  


(Wow, have I ever greyed the poor guy!)



And while the seven year gift is wool or copper (Okay, seriously – who made up these rules?), I told Hubalicious that such a gift would be a no-go. Pfffttt. How many scarves does a girl need anyway!? 😉


So instead, we booked ourselves in for an afternoon at the Hockley Spa. Lucky for me, Abby is one of those guys that’s NOT afriad to step into a spa … so in less than two hours, we’ll be enjoying some wonderful spa-pampering … now, THAT is the life.  We rarely go on dates – hmm, almost never – as it’s hard to find the time/money/babysitters/energy to go out on dates … so this is a big date to make up for all those missed little ones. 

I have to be honest – I had NO idea when I got married how much work a marriage would be – there’s a lot of sacrifice, a lot of give and take and a lot of effort … but it is so worth it. The payoffs are amazing – to be married to someone who is your best friend is an amazing blessings. Every day, Abby and I are discovering more about what makes a marriage work and how to raise a godly family ….  

Just for fun, here are some links to books and resources that I have found amazingly helpful in our marriage. 


The Five Love Languages

Focus on the Family 

Men Are Like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti


Happy Anniversary, Hubalicious!!!!! Here’s to MANY more years of wedded fun!!!

September 29, 2009 - 10:18 pm

Ami Happy anniversary! My two favourite books on marriage are Love & Respect and Sheet Music. Don’t forget my advice … date Abby often. It’s one of the best investments for your family. 🙂
Love your wedding dress!

September 29, 2009 - 9:12 pm

Rose:) I hope you enjoyed your Anniversary Pampering(I made my hubby read this blog so I can book him into the spa as well and he can feel just manly as he is afterwards…thanks to Abby for showing da men how it’s done)
May God continue to carry you all thru this wonderful journey of marriage….your words are what it is…..Effort and Worth It!

September 29, 2009 - 7:48 am

maredyth Happy anniversary guys. Not an easy job these days to raise a Godly family and make a marriage work. Keep up the good work.

September 28, 2009 - 2:53 pm

Mich Congrats Gillian & Abby…I hope you both enjoy your day of pampering and much needed “together” time. It has been a pleasure getting to know both of you and “take notes” on your wonderful marriage…your words are so true and while it is so much work to make it “work” is so worth it to have that unconditional love…I wish you and Abby many more years of cherished memories, happiness and blessings in abundance 🙂

September 28, 2009 - 2:08 pm

Miranda To this day—- one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to….. unique, enchanting, and touching.
I feel like my prayers for you that day were so far surpassed!!! Our God IS an awesome God, and I thank Him for blessing you so abundantly Sweet Gillian Girl:) xoxo

September 28, 2009 - 1:08 pm

Catherine Happy Anniversary! From what I can see, you are both so blessed to have eachother, and the family you have created!

Might I also add another book “Babyproofing your Marriage” It is a very funny read, probably because it is so true!