{Not} Getting with the Times

“What is the name at that dentist we need to book with?”

I asked my husband this question while visiting him at work a few weeks ago. We had discussed the idea of braces for two of our children and needed to make an appointment. He pulled out a heavy barely-used phone book from the shelf near their office phone and skimmed the listings quickly for the dentist number.

His younger brother, who was nearby, scoffed, pulled out his iphone and quickly tapped the screen, saying, “Get with the times, guys.”
He handed over his phone and showed us the number we were looking for – all in the same amount of time it took for my husband to locate the dentist’s number in the actual phone book.



What does it really mean to get with the times? There is something inside me that balks at this idea of having every modern conveniences at our fingertips.

Recently, a friend and I were headed to a homeschool book sale located a few hours from our homes. We were relying on her husband’s GPS to get us to the location. Of course, to make the night interesting, the GPS battery died and we were left scrambling at a map and stopping at local gas stations for directions. We were late, but we made it eventually.

I cannot help but notice how glued society is to their screens of choice – young and old alike. It is disturbing. I really hope there is a wake up soon among my own generation and those younger on how addictive these screens are – and how they are not always as beneficial as one thinks.

Studies prove that children have more anxiety and developmental issues in this modern way to raise a child. A true childhood – free from screens and digital advancements – is hard to find. And one attached to the technology world is not nearly as lovely or helpful as you might imagine.

Perhaps, if we relied less on the modern technology, we would not stumble so much when it fails.



I’m okay with being behind the times – in more ways than not wanting to own a cell phone.


P.S. Yes, I am writing this from my very ancient, out dated 11 year old laptop – which keys missing on the keyboard, not to mention the non-ability to use it for printing, downloading, etc. It does a good job of helping me edit photos (when it wants to) and I can access my blog but that is about it.



July 30, 2017 - 12:49 pm

Gigi Megan, message me at gillianclairgauthier@gmail.com. My email has not been working properly!

July 29, 2017 - 6:43 am

Maike How refreshing to read the same that goes through my mind every day. Already seeing others being infront of their screens drives me crazy. The modern pimp machines that completely make your meal and you just add in ingredients. The coffee machines, ipads, smartphones, … I really don’t think it does any good. My family is addicted to all of these. They think I’m crazy in my thinking. And yes, sometimes I think a working cellphone, or google maps, or a quicker camera than my professional big one would be better. My laptop dying every couple of minutes sometimes is driving me crazy. Some things seem practical, but whenever I’m not surrounded by high tech people, I don’t really care. It leaves me more calm, peaceful, satisfied. I remember as child it was fun to find destinations and follow the old school road map. I honestly couldn’t be without my laptop, but everything else I don’t need. I love to use a whisk or fork for stirring dough together, it brings fullfilling joy to do it myself, trying to use herbs instead of pills, healing myself and listening. I always scribble down paths I need to walk and tell a time when to meet where. It works fine and worked fine back in time, just for the “uptodate” people these simple things are not working anymore. But it would make everyone feel so much better.

July 27, 2017 - 2:48 am

Megan Hi Gillian,
Can you email me at the above address? I am posting & sending emails but I might be using the wrong email because I am not hearing anything back. I can pick up the childrens reference bible from abbey in town if that is easier:) i am really wanting to start using it with the kids this summer. Thanks so much 🙂