Lavender Turns One

These past few weeks have been filled with cake, frosting and lots of ice cream as we celebrated three birthdays in less than a week …

Lavender’s first birthday was the beginning of the celebrations … and although it was bittersweet, as all birthdays are when the first year ends, we had a sweet, quiet day with her. The weather was gorgeous, we all sat outside on the covered porch and had East Indian food takeout in honor of her special day … we had homemade cake decorated with pretty purple pansies from the garden, some visits from grandparents, we had time on the front porch swing together and there was time to cuddle and celebrate Lavender turning one.


This is her {adorable} reaction when we sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to her …


It was actually rather nice to not have a large, busy party when she is so little to even know what is going on except “Why in the world am I missing my nap!?” during cake time … this first birthday gave me time to sit and write a letter to Lavender to give her to her when she is older. There was less noise and more quiet. While we missed the exciting ‘hoop-lah’ that comes with a big party {and I must say, I did feel rather guilty but am hoping it was the right choice}, I do believe Lavender still had a delightful day with the quieter version of a first birthday.



I can’t believe a year has gone by already – however, our days as a family have been sweeter since Lavender has joined our family… we cannot imagine our family without her!

Happy birthday, dearest Lavender Kate Delight. xo






May 7, 2015 - 10:09 pm

maria what? your littlest baby is 1?? where did the time go? but then again, our baby #5’s are 3! whoa! miss you guys, need to get together SOON!

May 3, 2015 - 10:48 pm

Isela Happy Birthday Lavender!! God bless you today and always.
We are also considering celebrating Fabian’s first birthday party the same way, just us and super extra cuddles and kisses. I love the letter idea 🙂