Tea {with the Goats}








For the past week, we have all been outside until the sun sets, living, reading, getting to know the goats, fixing up the fences, building a milking stand … {my poor children have been soaking up so much glorious sun that some of the girls have a bad heat rash on their hands and ears …}


… right now, as we await a week of possible rain, I’m just sitting outside in the last bit of afternoon sun, with the goats, drinking my tea and awaiting my crockpot version of a calendula salve that I will be rubbing on to the sun-dried skin of my poor children … and I’m getting to know our new pretty momma and kid …

This week has been an exciting week with Lavender’s birthday {of which I hope to post some pictures soon}, my husband’s birthday the following day and then, yes, we decided to add two more goats to our “herd”!

So now we have four goats in total. The new addition are a Momma and baby  … which have been named Shirley and Goodness. So now we have Walter, Shirley, Goodness and Mercy … {cheeky, isn’t it?}

My poor husband was up late last night fixing up a milking stand – the opening is too big for our little goat’s head so a few more adjustments and then the training begins – for me and Shirley! This is all a learning curve for me too! I anticipate milking once a day with baby still being fed by momma, so I will attempt milking in the morning and allowing baby to stay with mom during the day until she self weans.

Baby Goodness is so precious! I have been reading up on how to ensure you raise friendly goats so we are trying to spend loads of time with her as a wee kid …

Momma Shirley is so sweet, although at first, bit more jumpy than the others (to be expected with a new kid at her side). Baby Goodness is hilarious to watch as she runs and kicks and frolics about … we keep them separate from the other two goats at night but are letting them play together during the day.

I think, even if our goat milk supply is limited this time around, starting with easy, happy, friendly goats has made all the difference in the world. Even my husband has admitted to liking them, even though he puts on a rough facade of not wanting animals around…

Have you ever raised goats? I wonder if this milking idea will succeed. I hope I can get a little bit – even if it is just enough for Lavender when she is ready to wean and drink milk …

One more day and then it’s time to train for milking.

For now,  as we become accustomed to each other, I will take my tea with the goats.


April 20, 2015 - 12:03 pm

Kristina I love the names Walter & Shirley, because wasn’t that Walter’s full name in the Anne of Green Gables series? Walter Shirley Blythe. He is one of Anne’s sons, in the last three books of the series. And when I Lavender’s beautiful name, it puts me in mind of Miss Lavendar Lewis from I think the second or third book of the series. Happy Birthday from me and my family, to your precious little Lavender and to Abby as well!

April 19, 2015 - 7:42 pm

admin Ahhh, you will get goats, Jen! I know it! Thank you for your excitement – we are having fun with all our adventures, that’s for sure. I am grateful for this opportunity to live a little outside the box. 🙂

April 19, 2015 - 7:30 pm

Jen Heemskerk You have goats now?!! GAH!! I feel like you are living out my dream life!! Free range children with goats and chickens…now all you need is sheep! =) I have always said to my husband how I one day want to have goats and one of them will be named “Mazee”. Good for you for introducing your children to true “living off the land.”