Home, Sweet Home.

It’s been three (or four?) days since we moved … and while it was probably one of the most complicated moves on record {think of moving truck all packed up, movers paid ready to go and finding out nearly 9 hours later that we did not even have a house to go to!} … but the LORD was in control and He still is {isn’t it amazing to know He is going to take care of His children?}. We are still waiting on some important details to be worked out but in the meantime, we are living in our NEW HOME.


I cannot even believe it.

We have all agreed we don’t even want to hang curtains because we love the view of fields and open space too much. It’s not that the house is incredible or fancy or amazing … it is simply because we are so grateful. It’s not as if we own 100 acres and can farm and have horses and animals and never have a neighbour … it’s just that we are so humbled to have a small plot of country land to call our own.

Yesterday, Lovelyn (3)  and I were driving back from town (as there is no laundry hook up so I had to go to town to do laundry- one of those minor problems!) and we were both laughing, looking at the rolling fields of wheat and soy, the cattle, the sun glistening over the farmer’s fields … and Lovie piped up from her pink car seat …


“Jesus is here, mommy!”

Now … I know Jesus is everywhere but it certainly does feel a bit more heavenly out here with the stars twinkling in the Autumn night and the chilly breeze rustling the almost bare trees, the stillness of the day and the calm of the inky evening.


The first morning in the new house, five sleepy, messy haired girls woke up and ran to the windows of the second floor and squealed … why?

Simply because they were able to watch the sunrise and were truly excited … in awe to see the bright colors God painted across the morning sky.  I can’t wait for a lightening display in the heavens or even our first snowfall … not to mention catching fireflies in the summer and bonfires with ‘smores and hot dogs and all sorts of campouts in the backyard.

Through a child’s eyes … {the view out our little bedroom balcony}…


We keep thanking God for allowing us to move… it felt like a long time waiting to find a new home and certainly, in a child’s mind a year and a half is indeed an eternity. But we are finally here. We are so grateful and so thrilled! There is a lot of work ahead but that only brings families closer together, right? 🙂


{the view out the kitchen back door}


And now we are settling in … there are still boxes everywhere and rooms to be painting, heating to be fixed, washing machines to be hooked up and a huge long list of to-dos, but this momma is feathering her nest and making this old country house a home.

It’s delightful and I am so truly grateful.


November 3, 2013 - 6:27 pm

Lynda Lu Gibb you always write the most uplifting inspiring things…you have an attitude to be admired..all Glory to God ,and your willingness to be the woman He would have you be…

October 31, 2013 - 11:42 am

Teresa Welcome to the country….. green acres is the place for me …. 🙂

October 30, 2013 - 10:16 pm

Cahri I am happy that you all made it. I approve of everything you do my precious niece and my beautiful great nieces, God works in mysterious ways 🙂

October 29, 2013 - 10:26 pm

Renee aww my dear friend, I am so delighted for your sweet family! Can’t wait to hear of all your upcoming adventures as your girls get to live out their dreams of being
‘country girls’. God knew what you needed……and provided the perfect place. (even without laundry lol) big hugs to you all xo