{Sew} Lovely.

So I finally did it. 


I braved the unknown territory of bobbins, thread, fabric and seams. I cracked open the sewing machine. 


Yes, today … the girls and I (okay, well, *I*) decided to make our Monday craft with the lovely, shiny new sewing machine, so lovingly gifted to me by my MIL this Christmas. 


The plan: sew Valentine felt heart candy pouches. 

The goal: finish it in an afternoon and have fun doing it

The reality:  I had no clue what the heck I was doing. 


I popped open the case and set up the fresh machine on my table, plugged in the electric pedal and flipped through the manual. I have to say though –  I’m not a manual reader. I like to learn by doing. Throw me a manual and I will yawn, roll over and go to sleep. Show me with your hands and I will learn as fast as I can.
One thing I learned very quickly, however, is you cannot sew without thread. 


Go figure. 
So who do you call at 1:30 on a snowy Monday afternoon, when you have three little girls staring up at you, waiting to see Mommy work magic on her bright new sewing machine?  Um. 
Gramma. Yup, my gramma. (Have I mentioned that she moved to my town a few months ago – after living in British Columbia for years? It was a big move for her but I am SO grateful to have her in the same town as me!!).


Bless her dear soul. She threw on her winter boots and raced over to rescue me from the dreaded unknown. Sewing basket in hand and a smile on her face, my gramma, Gerr, slipped easily into position on the sewing stool and started to work her magic.




The girls watched in awe as Gramma showed us how to thread the needle, fill the bobbin and get it ready for our sewing project before you could say BibbityBobbityBoo.




Now, my Gramma is very humble and will not accept praise but she’s a wonderful, talented woman – and she sure knew how fill a bobbin and get that machine whirring  sixtythousand times faster than I could learn by fumbling through the ridiculous manual. 


Did I mention she spent quite a few years of her life sewing for a living? Yes, we love you, Gramma. 








Once we figured out how to thread the machine, we were ready to go – or so we thought ….

Four hours, two mangled felt hearts, one attempt at ripping out failed stitches and a floor littered with string and felt scraps later … we finally finished our project. I must say, it was not as easy as I thought … no one told me turning rounded corners on a sewing machine would be so challenging. Or is it just me? (Please, don’t answer that.)


This shot, as lovely as it looks, was totally set up.  I really had no clue what I was doing. 
“Lacey, come sit with me and we’ll pretend we’re sewing something amazing!…” 




Can I admit something terrible? 

That’s why you do crafts/sewing projects with your kids. If it stinks and looks ridiculous like a three year old sewing the stitching, well, just blame it on your three year old. That’s the truth. Sort of. 


I can say that I learned a lot today – and while many times we lamented and wished my Seamstress-Smooth-Sewing-Sister was here to help us, we persevered and finished our project. 





They are really cute, aren’t they? We made six and one was a total flop so we only have five to give away. We still have to decide who the lucky recipient will be! 😀








The cutest thing from this afternoon’s sewing craft adventures was little Miss Lacey. She picked up a needle, some scraps of felt and before Gramma and I knew it, she was off in a corner sewing clothes and items for new birthday Webkinz, Daisy Jr.  


She sewed her a hat. 

And then took her picture. 






Here, she’s sewing a pillow … she also made a few crowns for her dogs (and one for Daisy – gotta get a picture of that!) …




At the dinner table, she prayed and thanked God for Gramma teaching her how to sew. 

We are so blessed. 



From showing me how to knead bread to giving me lessons in how to set up my sewing machine and keep the needle down when I’m turning a corner 🙂 (oops – forgot that one a lot), my Gramma is priceless to me. I am SO, SO, SO blessed to have her in my life, not only when I was younger … but even now as a mom & a grown up (how did that ever happen anyway?!).


And how ridiculously blessed are my girls to have their great grandma creating such wonderful memories together? 



Grandmas hold our tiny hands for just a little while, but our hearts forever. 

~Author Unknown


January 23, 2010 - 1:18 pm

Adrienne Thank you for sharing these pictures… it reminds me of times spent with my grandmother,my daughter and some knitting needles – Thank you again for sharing such a beautiful talent!

January 19, 2010 - 10:10 am

Renee Keefe Your gramma is so beautiful!!! She has an amazing smile!

January 19, 2010 - 12:55 am

karen Hey Gillian,
I love love love the photo of your Gram with her hand at the back of the machine!!! And sewing isn’t that hard. Just remember to keep the needle down when you lift the foot and then you get no movement or shifting of the fabric. They look absolutely adorable, and will make wonderful memories for you and the girls! thanks for sharing with us

January 19, 2010 - 12:40 am

Diane Stimpson Wilson Jones This blog was so precious …Just loved it and Aunt Gerr you
are a wonderful talented lady..Gi Gi loved your blog and loved
the pics ..I dont know anything about a sewing machine either
but the way you put it I dont feel so silly about it …Your mom
and my daughter Christine went swimming with your mom at her apt in Vanier Ontario and then your mom had some lemon and water for us later …So we decided to dye our eye lashes and we had such a great time..Christine kept blinking and the dye was getting on her cheeks we were laughing so hard I am sure Uncle Les thought we were just nuts …what a great time we all had ..She is special and hold her tight cause its so lonely when we dont have them any more bless you girl you have a wonderful family ..cus Diane Stimpson Wilson Jones

January 19, 2010 - 12:18 am

Cathy Bray Hi Gillian,

I LOVE the picture with your Gramma’s hands. There is something very special about a Gramma’s hands don’t you think?

January 18, 2010 - 11:18 pm

Christine Hi Gillian
What wonderful photos of a beautiful memory that your girls, you, and Grandma will have for years to come. Sewing can be very intimidating, but it does get easier, so nice that you have someone to teach you first hand (I hate the manuals too!!). The hearts look great!!

January 18, 2010 - 11:06 pm

Mom Awh, that is so special, Gillian!! Gramma looks so happy and her smile shows it all!! I love the shots of Lacey … wow!! She is growing up so fast! What a talented girl she is! 🙂
The hearts look lovely and whoever is the lucky recipients will be so blessed!
Good work, ladies