{DIY} Food Wrap

Like many moms, I have a thing against plastic in the kitchen.

Plastic dishes, plastic food wrap, plastic sippy cups … if I could get rid of all plastic and just use glass {which I am trying to do – however, a ceramic tile kitchen floor is proving to me that I will have to invest in many glass dishes!}, then I would …

Just yesterday, I went through the cupboard again and tossed some straggling plastic dishes that somehow managed to make their way back into our lives. Most of my pantry is made up of glass containers. We try our best to not use plastic dishes.
And plastic wrap, well, I haven’t bought it in a while – mainly because it’s just one more thing I do not want to waste money on or add to the grocery list … and also because, truly, it just cannot be that good for our health …

For some, it may sound crazy to use cloth diapers, make your own baby wipes, stop using the microwave, ditch the pre-made cereal and stop using plastic food wraps. To others, it only makes sense.

Often times, if I question whether something is healthy or good for my family, I ask my crazy self the question, “What would they use 100 years ago?”
I do not have statistics or articles to back up my thinking- but I certainly would guess our ancestors never wrapped their food in plastic.
It just seems rather obvious that whatever we are doing or eating, ingesting or using currently in society cannot be as healthy or safe as it was before household chemicals, toxic plastics and hormone-injected meats were the daily norm in a family’s lifestyle.

All this to say – we don’t use plastic food wraps around here.  {Disclaimer: I still use plastics bags for the freezer – I need to figure out a better option for this. Any suggestions?}

Lately, I’ve been trying out my homemade beeswax-coated fabrics covers instead … they were so simple to make – literally, they took minutes to create from start to finish. So far, so good – they are being used to wrap the cheese block in the fridge, cover the jar of leftover soup from lunch and protect the leftovers from last night’s dinner. You can purchase them online from many stores, however, as one who likes to save money, avoid purchasing needless items and also enjoys a little DIY project, I decided to make them myself.

Here’s how to make your own re-usable fabric wraps for your food…


1. Choose your fabric from your leftover fabric scraps. I have tons of leftover scraps – I’m sure if you look, you will find something to use without purchasing anything. Try a well worn bedsheet, trimmings from an apron, anything – be creative.


2. Lay the fabric on a cookie sheet and cover your fabric choice with grated beeswax.

3. Place your sheet into a warm oven to allow the beeswax to melt.

4. While the wax is warm, spread it evenly across the sheet with a paint brush.

5. Hang to dry and cool.

6. It’s all ready to go as soon as it’s dry! Use it wrap your cheese, foods for lunch boxes, anything … make larger pieces to cover your casserole dishes and pie plates … and enjoy knowing you are not allowing chemicals to be leached into your family’s food over time.








Besides, don’t they look much prettier than ugly, ol Saran wrap?
I certainly think so.



P.S. The Looms for Love project is coming along amazingly well! I am hoping to give an update shortly on how amazing your children are!!! Can’t wait to bless the little children of Mozambique!



May 17, 2014 - 7:29 am

admin Amy, that’s awesome. I wish I could find some plates like that!
Good tip about the freezer. I freeze cookie dough in balls – do you have suggestions for that?

Betty, so great to hear from you! How kind about the elastics! You can mail them to 21 First Street, Orangeville, Ontario, L9W 1L6. Thank you!

May 16, 2014 - 9:43 pm

amy I don’t like plastic either…
My kids eat off metal dishes (not made in China) and I have some fun metal cups I found at a local antique place…

I freeze leftovers in glass jars. I put them in the freezer without a lid until they have finished freezing and expanding and then I add the lid.

May 16, 2014 - 9:00 pm

Betty Gauthier Gillian
I bought a few packages of those elastics for the girls….I don’t know your address to mail them to the girls…can you provide me with that please.
p/s…that little baby is absolutely beautiful!!!exotic looking,lol