How Much Milk is in your Fridge?


The black printer flipped out colorful print … kitchen scissors trimmed the edges and I slipped the tiny artwork into an old frame, painted pink, which had been sitting around in the basement for months.

This home, this family of mine, the raising of children, the nurturing of a marriage, the calling of being a mother – it’s busy, sometimes. Sometimes, it’s all rules and going and coming and laundry hanging and dinner cooking and homeschooling prepping.

I climbed the creaky stairs of our home and hung the artwork on my middle daughters’ bedroom door.

But it is also knowing what is needed, what makes the home life work, what areas need building up and what needs pruning.


You are loved.

I know my girls need to know this.

Life should never be too busy, too over-scheduled, too rushed to find time in your day to tell these little people they are loved- or to keep your finger on the pulse of your home.




Our oldest daughter cuddles with her new bunny, primping and delighting with her little pet …


Knowing what my children need, knowing what my home needs is a wonderful thing … a blessing, really. We’ve been entrusted with our children’s heart – we need to keep our finger on the pulse of it.

When we are loving and kind, when we take the time to listen and show grace, things run smoothly. When we are content to stay home and do the daily tasks with a song in our heart, then the clockwork of our home and family life run with less hiccups.


I read this the other day:

“How do you know if you’re out of the home too much,
and keeping the thumb on the pulse of your family?”
And one of them is, “How much milk is in your refrigerator right now?”

“…If you cannot answer that question,
you are not home enough.
And then, of course, we go into many more examples of really being that connection,
that spiritual connection with your kids, and what that all means.

But it’s kind of a good barometer for moms to say,
“Do I know how much milk is in my refrigerator right now,
and if I don’t, maybe I’m just not there enough
to be clued in to all those things, all those details.”



As mothers, we’ve been entrusted with our children’s hearts … we need to keep track of the pulse of our home and the spiritual temperature.

“…keeping the pulse of where my children are spiritually,
and how they’re feeling, and what their ups and downs are,
and how they’re doing … [this is] practical application on [keeping] the heart of a home.”


The printer continues to spill out more messages of love and joy … they are each framed and placed on the doors of our bedrooms to remind my girls that they are loved and a blessing from God…

And in turn, I found out how much milk is left in the refrigerator.





August 24, 2013 - 9:47 am

Grandma Cardinal Wonderful a always! Thanks for the cupcake! x