Those Awkward Teenage [Fowl] Years.

When your big sister steals your chicken, quite by accident, there’s nothing you can do but wait …

For sure enough … your loving hen will return to the safety of your toddler arms….

The bond is there. The love is undeniable. Popcorn, as you named your sweet fowl friend, is faithful to her owner.

This is your hen. And she knows she is loved.
And saved from the cooking pot once she starts laying.

The chicks are no longer chicks … rather, mini hens … in the awkward teenage stage, I suppose.
They are still adorable, in my opinion, and surprisingly affectionate.

We have learned so much about chickens – we even made a chicken lapbook (for you homeschoolers).

It’s taught the girls responsibility, as well, as they were the primary caregivers for the chicks as they grew.
It taught the girls care and concern for an animal.
Annnnd, it may have made a few daughters feel like they need to be a vegetarian …  for a while.

Do you know why a chicken has a waddle?
Well, we do now.

“Look mom! She’s already practicing laying an egg!!!”


June 1, 2013 - 8:15 am

Sherri Smith I love those girls so much. It’s amazing how much they’ve grown over the years and how you’ve allowed us all to be a part of it through this blog. We can see the changes your life lessons have made in them. Your wonderful skills as a photographer capture, so well, their emotions and make us part of each scene. Thank you for sharing with us all.