Autumn {Love}.

“The smile that flickers on baby’s lips when he sleeps-

does anybody know where it was borne?

Yes, there is a rumor that a young pale beam of a crescent moon touched the edge of a vanishing autumn cloud,

and there the smile was first born . . .”

— Rabindranath Tagore”


I was heart broken to see the leaves flying away in the wind today … Autumn truly is one of my favorite times of year …

… so enchanting and magical … the leaves are incredibly beautiful and I feel so blessed to live in a place where our fall is like a natural canvas painting in front of human eyes …

October 26, 2009 - 7:48 pm

Maredyth Stunning!

October 26, 2009 - 3:16 pm

Mallory This is adorable. So sweet and innocent. And your right, totally magical. I hope the parents go for a canvas of this one :]

October 25, 2009 - 9:55 pm

Chantelle Soooo adorable…. I love autumn’s colours…

October 24, 2009 - 2:42 pm

Mom Gillian!! This is a fantastic beautiful picture! Love it!! xo

October 24, 2009 - 7:40 am

Shannon Beautiful!!!