A Rare Flower

“A home without children! It is like a lantern and no candle;
a garden and no flowers; a vine and no grapes;
a brook and no water gurgling and gushing in its channel …




Children are more easily led to be good by examples of loving kindness, and tales of well-doing in others, than threatened into obedience by records of sin, crime and punishment.
Then, on the infant mind impress sincerity, truth, honesty benevolence and their kindred virtues,
and the welfare of your child will be insured not only during this life, but the life to come.

Oh, what a responsibility to form a creature, the frailest and feeblest that heaven has made, into the intelligent and fearless sovereign of the whole animated creation … they will not trouble you long.


Children grow up– nothing on earth grows so fast as children. It was but yesterday, and that lad was playing with tops, a buoyant boy. He is a man now, and gone!

Woe to him who smiles not over a cradle, and weeps not over a tomb. He who has never tried the companionship of a little child, has carelessly passed by one of the greatest pleasures of life, as one passes a rare flower without plucking it or knowing its value.”
-The Royal Path of Life, Children, 1908


August 28, 2021 - 4:46 pm

Teresa Such truth! He has gotten so big, what a handsome little man! Have a blessed weekend!

August 28, 2021 - 9:37 am

Laura Jeanne *wipes away a tear* So lovely, Gillian. Thank you for these beautiful words and photography. Children are indeed the greatest treasure here on Earth. I have been struggling with grief lately knowing that I won’t be having any more now. Next week is my 43rd birthday! It’s been so many years since I’ve had a baby to hold, my arms are aching for that!