Oscar II

After reading that Lucia’s pet bunny, Calico, died a few weeks ago, a very kind blog reader choose to bless Lucia last week.

She emailed and told Lucia she could have her pick of their bunny litter as a gift. It was a very exciting day for my little, shy girl to travel to the farm and choose her new bunny from their newest litter.

When we pulled into the farm’s driveway, Lucia giggled and said, “I feel like I’m famous….”


Then her shyness took over and she did not say much but quietly choose which bunny she would be taking home.

Welcome to the family, Oscar II. {Her rabbit looks identical to the bunny I owned when Abby & I were married … his name was Oscar, hence, now we have Oscar II.)

You will be well loved!

{And a big thank you to Janelle, who so kindly blessed our little girl with her act of kindness in offering Lucia a bunny of her own … what a sweet heart you have!}



P.S. Yesterday afternoon, Lacey started noting changes in her goat’s behaviour and we *think* she might be at the beginning of labour. Eeeek! So exciting! We actually did not even know her goat was pregnant, so this is a very new thing. If it is indeed true, this will be our first kidding together. I got up a few times in the night to check on momma goat, Mercy, but there is no sign of active labour yet, just signs of something starting. I hope I am not wrong – guess, time will tell!

July 3, 2015 - 11:16 pm

Janelle So lovely to see Lucia and her new bunny together! I adore these beautiful photos you’ve taken of the two of them. He’s grown so much already – and I love the new name.
He does have very similar colouring to some rex rabbits – to check for sure, wet your hands and rub them down his coat and then give him a brush with your fingers or a hair brush. If his hair starts to look wavy or curly, he’s a rex. (I think he’s more likely a cinnamon, though.)
I know Oscar will have a long, love-filled life with your Lucia. My heart is so happy to know he’s in a good place.

July 1, 2015 - 8:45 pm

Gillian She keeps her bunny outside during the day and brings him inside at night (just too many predators out there in the country!). I believe the bunny is a rex…

June 30, 2015 - 9:39 am

Our Home Of Many Blessings Awwww,how sweet! I have a sweet shy girl myself and she is such a blessing to us! The bunny is so beautiful,what kind of bunny is it?Does your daughter keep it inside or outside?