What does a momma do when the phone rings and the local farm store informs you, just seven days after you’ve given birth to your sixth child, and tells you it’s time. Time to pick up 14 chicks and four ducklings. Right now, despite the fact that you have nothing ready for them …

I looked around at the girls. We were in the middle of homeschooling. I was holding baby Lavender and hoping to start potty training my almost two year old.
I was hoping for a quiet day of celebrating one week of our newborn, a little rest in the afternoon, a simple meal in the evening and an early bedtime.


But it was not to be had. Those goals were quickly pushed to the wayside …

It was time to pick up my skirt, don my rubber boots and trudge outside in the chilly April weather, with the help of my three eldest, to clean out the temporary coop and get all the supplies ready for the wee chicks and ducklings.




After a quick run to the farm store, we were soon back home with our new excited, noisy additions.The room was filled with five happy girls, a new baby to hold and love, little chicks peeping and ducklings quacking.
Yes, this is what I signed up for.  And while I could shake my head and say,  “This is crazy!”, but I know this is what we have been waiting for.


A country home where we can KEEP our chickens and ducklings. A free range childhood. A big family. A simpler, yet sometimes busier life, we love having our children involved in these kinds of projects, such as raising chicks and ducks – and while the timing was bad (just after having a baby), it is life for us. And I wouldn’t change it.


I wore Baby Lavender in a sling the whole day and still was able to cuddle and breathe in her sweet newborn smell – all while doing the chores of the day … some have told me that’s ‘spoiling’ her but I disagree … if I am to keep up with the chores of my daily life, wearing her is the best way to include her and hold her and be with her all while multitasking. I think baby wraps or slings are the most amazing thing! When we were in Africa when we first got married, I was in awe of those mommas who carried their babies everywhere – they were one  with their baby and toddlers … it made perfect sense … we push our children and babies away too quickly here in North America …


Perhaps I’m rambling … but I am so grateful to be with ALL my children in all stages – from the newborn snuggling stage … to the adopting of fluffy ducklings and peeping chicks for the older children …



There is always enough love to go around.

A very few dull moments around here.



And I’m a litttttle bit glad we have not decided to adopt a milking cow – just yet.


May 2, 2014 - 5:31 pm

Kristina Re: babywearing — I so agree with you. I have always been told that I am “spoiling” my newborns by carrying them around all the time — how ridiculous! There is nothing sweeter than carrying your sweet baby with you as you go through your day — they are toddling independently soon enough. How silly to think that a newborn must be thrust into independence!

April 29, 2014 - 7:44 am

Heather Sweet. This post made me laugh a couple of times. Of course the timing went that way–these things are always lumped together 🙂
Enjoy every minute, as I know you are, because in no time at all they’ll all be wanting to stay home and do their own thing while you run to the store alone. Time flies. I’ve already witnessed that and am astounded by it.

April 28, 2014 - 8:55 pm

Chris McCoy Oh Gillian and Abby, what beautiful memories, a lovely spring! Just adore baby Lavender and can not belive Leia is already two! Where is time gong? thank you for sharing your lives with us…such a blessing!

April 26, 2014 - 7:14 pm

Cassy The kids are getting so big