In the Highchair …

The other day, while washing the floor after Leia (now 20 months old) had an ‘adventurous’ lunch, this song {below} came on the ipod, playing cheerfully throughout the kitchen.
It was beautiful to listen to! A wonderful reminder that, although the young years can be tiring (especially while pregnant, caring for others, homeschooling), they are very, very important.
Leia, the youngest of five sisters, is … well, let’s just say she now brings a lot more excitement to our days – whether it’s painting the walls with the latest marker or anything else she might find (think, toilet scrubbing brush?!) or pushing stools and chairs and anything that will give her height over to the counter and pantry in order to secure a sweet for her mouth …
…she is a delightful, fun, bundle of energy and joy and a handful all in one.

Being a mother , raising these beautiful children, gifts from Heaven, is not a job we can take lightly.
Each child has a future, a life to be lived for God …

You don’t know who’s sitting in that highchair …


“Who is that little lady, as precious as a lamb,
painting like an artist with that pudding in her hand,
Whose sitting in that high chair with her supper on the floor,
she’s got you saying things like ‘I can’t take it anymore…’

She might be the first lady to fly beyond the moon,
Or the one who changes history with a prayer,
She might be there with you when you’re old and all alone
You don’t know, who’s sitting in that high chair…

Step back, take a look, take a picture of this moment in your mind,
That dirty face in Heaven’s book
Is where the future treasures always go to hide …

He might be the doctor that finally finds a cure
She might change history with a prayer,
They may be the ones with you when you’re old and all alone –
You don’t know who’s sitting in that high chair…”
-Annie Chapman

January 21, 2014 - 9:33 pm

Heather What a beautiful way of appreciating our children. LOVE that last photo!

January 21, 2014 - 7:21 pm

grandma Cardinal Darling, mischeivious Leia, too cute!

January 21, 2014 - 3:56 pm

Colette Jessop You are an inspiration to many. Continue letting God use you in the best way He chooses.