In the Slow Lane.

On the back covered porch on the sunny morning, drinking hot coffee from two pink mugs, my neighbour and I chatted about life while our seven [girl] children played, laughed, climbed trees, cooled off with ice cold freezies and snacked on homemade chocolate chip cookies …
vibrant-smelling lilacs decorated the yard and filled the air with my favorite aroma … the pear tree blossoms fell softly through the air …

We chatted about how we are actively slowing life down, finding more time to just be with family,
raise children without rushing here and there and purposefully cutting out activites from our schedules to ensure this life is enjoyable and quiet.

It was refreshing to speak to another mom who felt the same urge, the same inner calling to put the brakes on the crazy, hectic life so many families seem to live.

If there ever was a time to be slow, now is the time.

As many older mothers have told me, the days are long but the years are short. I do not want to miss the days as the years fly by.

Thankful to be slow today as it has given me a chance to rock, hold and tend to our littlest one who is just going through a slight ailment … the ailment of teething, I think [accompanied by some stomach sickness … not fun, for sure].

 Bothered with the possibility of more teeth poking through her pink gums,
Leia has been unwell since Thursday …
for a fleeting moment, a casserole dish filled with cool water seemed to thrill our littlest daughter and make her forget her wee little suffering this afternoon.

We love her goofy little smile.
She is just so much fun, even when teething … she suffers rather quietly and we all wait for the teething pain to pass.

Life truly is better in the slow lane.

May 22, 2013 - 2:04 pm

Catherine Gillian,
Again I find myself wishing I could be your neighbour so I could watch you, how you parent and how you look at life, on a daily basis. Please know you are an inspiration.