Home Grown.

Children should be encouraged to watch, patiently and quietly,
until they learn something of the habits and history of bee,
ant, wasp, spider, hairy caterpillar, dragon-fly,
and whatever of larger growth comes in their way.

-Charlotte Mason
Out-Of-Door Life For The Children

The girls’ grampie has kindly agreed to increase our chicken flock this year…
[he keeps hens for our family at his home in the valley]
which means, adorable, fuzzy, too-cute-to-leave alone little chicks this spring…

The chicks are very patient with all the attention – such sweet, little things. All the girls are enamored with this fuzzy, little friends.

[discovering where ears are on chickens!]

This one is Lacey’s favorite.
They’ve named them all, of course.
This sweet little thing is Peace {She’s the quietest of the bunch.}

I wonder which one will be entered in the county fall fair this year …. we always have such a fun time with that experience …

We think we may have even adopted a wee little rooster in the flock … time will tell.  Not sure if Grampie will want to keep the rooster though!

Currently, a petition is circling for Orangeville residents to sign if they believe in the value of backyard hens.
You can sign it right here if you feel so inclined.
A lot more support is needed in order to convince the local council that this would be a positive change for a community …

You all know I support anything home grown!

These lil’ chicks will not be laying eggs till the winter, but we still have our four other faithful hens that are doing such a great job for our family …
I can honestly say, there is no comparison of fresh eggs vs. store-bought.

As this article states…

… once you get used to good eggs, there’s truly no going back.

May 2, 2013 - 12:09 am

Tara Just signed the petition…we love our 5 hens. They teach my children so much, plus they sell the eggs we don’t use.

April 30, 2013 - 8:28 pm

Claire Thanks so much for the info Gillian. That’s great to know! I smell a building project for Andy! 😉

April 27, 2013 - 9:12 am

admin Hi Claire, we use a lamp on the winter for them (just a bulb) and they are just fine. We have had a fox get one chicken but no coyotes … You need a good pen to keep them safe at night. Our henhouse is not very big but now with the chicks, we may need to put on an expansion!

April 27, 2013 - 9:05 am

Claire Would love to have chickens, have they been hard to keep? Even over the winter. We’ve heard + seen so many coyotes this season how do you keep them safe?