Best Things in Life.

Today is Abby’s birthday.


I don’t know about you but getting a birthday present for the men (hubby, dad, etc.)  in my life is always VERY challenging … and of course, Abby never asks for anything … seriously. Ever. He always just says “A hug from my girls will be enough.” And he means it.


So what do you DO on a birthday to make it special?


You make his favorite homemade meal (lasagna with lovely bread and Caesar salad) … you make cards (completely decorated with motorcyles and pictures of daddy as Prince Charming).  You make crowns for King Daddy to wear with his princesses when he gets home from work. And my friend in town helped create a gorgeous picture frame that says “I found my Prince Charming – his name is daddy” which framed a cute photo of daddy and his girls.

Lacey played Happy Birthday on the piano and made her daddy a peach/strawberry/cranberry crisp. Lyla made the Caesar salad for dinner (I was surprised by this – she really could handle the whole salad by herself). Lucia just hugged daddy with her giggly voice and Lovie gave sloppy kisses. {I am giving him a baby – I figured that was enough. Hee hee!}

I think that was exactly what he wanted for his birthday.


We love you, Abby. You truly are the best daddy to these little girls …






“Spinning around on the tops of his feet
smiles of the angels cannot be so sweet
Wide blue eyes and piggy tail swirls
She’s her daddy’s girl …

‘Cause he know the jokes that always makes her laugh
Takes her for ice cream instead of her math
At the end of the day by the light of the moon
They turn up the music in their living room
And she yells …

Dance me, dance me around
Till my feet don’t ever touch down
There’s nothing better than being your girl
And if I’m your princess then daddy
You are the king of the world …”

– Cindy Morgan

April 25, 2012 - 12:08 pm

Brenda (Gillian’s Mom) AWH This melts my heart!!! xo
Look at Lovie looking at daddy … all the girls love him so much!
And you are right, Gillian, you are giving him a baby!!! LOL