Does anyone have some extra midnight oil I can burn? 

I think I’m running out! 

All I can say is, thank God for coffee and the boxed DVD set of I Dream of Jeannie that my mom bought me last week to keep me company while I proof (since we have no t.v. – I LOVE LOVE LOVE old shows and movies). Some of you may not know but I basically do 90% of my work once my kidlets are tucked into bed. I’m what you call one of those ‘mompreneurs’ – a stay at home mom, running her business in the chaos of cheerios, milk, laundry piles and snack time. But I love it – despite how busy it is right now – and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Right now, I’m working on proofing and snuggled in bed with my oldest daughter (Lacey, 5), who has a slight fever and is feeling “cold.” Uh-oh. Here comes winter, dare I say it. 

This week – provided our family stays healthy! –  I am diving head first into Proofing Madness Week so I can finish up all the galleries before too long so you can place your ordes for Chrtistmas. I can already feel the carpel tunnel forming in my wrist and can sense the index finger siezures from using my laptop mousepad hour after hour.  😉 I have never had a busier year in the photography world! I am soooo very grateful!! God has truly blessed me with such amazing clients and beautiful families that I have met over the summer and the fall. 

Here is one glorious family that booked me for their fall portraits … the last time I took their photos, Avery was 6 months old! Now she’s FOUR! Crazy!





And Nicholas … wow … you are such a sweet boy … 



a little mini-Sherry …



Have you ever seen a dad and son look more alike?! I think not!




What a sweet lookin’ family! 


Sherry, you know I absolutely loved seeing you guys again … the drive between our houses it not that long. We should make it more often! 🙂

November 1, 2009 - 8:52 pm

Christine What great pics, you have such a good looking family Sherry!!