Tea Time – and Some Sweet News 💕

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November 1, 2019 - 5:07 pm

Nancy This was such a beautiful and joyful video to watch! Congratulations to your entire family on the newest blessing to love. There will be many open arms and hearts to welcome him/her! I look for reading more as you anticipate the upcoming birth.

October 31, 2019 - 6:42 pm

Kimberly Congratulations!!! Children are such a blessing!

October 28, 2019 - 11:12 am

Paula Congratulations to you and your family. A new baby is a blessing. Thank you for reminding us.

October 26, 2019 - 11:16 pm

Sherry Varkel Congratulations Gillian, Abby and family. I hope all is well and wishing you a blessed pregnancy

October 26, 2019 - 10:51 am

Erin Lynn Congratulations! So happy and excited for you! What a huge blessing! I love how babies are celebrated in large families. May Jesus bless you with an easy, beautiful pregnancy and delivery.

October 26, 2019 - 6:06 am

Gigi P.S. The baby is due the beginning of April. 🙂

October 26, 2019 - 6:06 am

Gigi Sorry about the sound quality. I was speaking too quietly, I suppose. Not used to the video-ing!
Rachel, ohhh, bedtime – 🙂 Yes, sure I will add that to my list of ideas to share.
Natural healthcare and pregnancy care are very simple for me – but I’d love to share that, too. Everyone is so different in their healthcare opinions; what works for one woman will not work for everyone women, but I do think there are some great lessons I have learned throughout my pregnancies.

October 25, 2019 - 7:16 am

Rachel Congratulations on the wonderful news of baby #9! That is so exciting God is continuing to grow your family! When is baby due? (Sorry if you did mention in the video, I could not hear every part well). I hope you share more about your pregnancy/natural healthcare. I’d also love to hear more on your daily routines such as bedtime tuck-ins. You definitely have the beautiful glowing feminine look only a mother to be can posses. Blessings, Rachel from FL

October 24, 2019 - 12:35 pm

Gigi Kristal, the girls are 15, 13, 11, 9, 7 and 5 and the boys are 3 and 2, right now.

October 24, 2019 - 12:35 pm

Gigi Thank you, everyone!
Jen, yes, that’s always a fun job … thinking of another “L” name! I have a boy one in mind, but not set on a girl one…

October 24, 2019 - 8:12 am

Sarah Congratulations to you and your family! Praying for you and your little one. : )

October 24, 2019 - 3:36 am

Julie So exciting and wonderful to hear this special news. Congratulations to you all!! Much to be thankful for. Praying for you, the new blessing, and the rest of your family also. Much love from Tennessee.

October 24, 2019 - 2:59 am

Linda Congratulations Gigi 🙂 I watched your video on YouTube (the sound wasn’t so good), well it wasn’t for me, but I heard enough to hear the announcement..woo hoo, how wonderful. Children are indeed a blessing from the Lord. God’s blessings to you all ~ Linda

October 23, 2019 - 11:02 pm

Jen Oh Gillian!!! How thrilled I am for you and your family!!! I love that the Lord is blessing you with another baby!! He has entrusted you with his most precious gifts and I think you and your husband are doing an amazing job at raising up mighty arrows for the Lord!! May you have a great and safe pregnancy !!
As a side note: I also can’t wait to hear the name you will choose for this precious child!!

October 23, 2019 - 3:42 pm

Monica Congratulations! Lovely, lovely video. I can’t wait! What a blessing!!

October 23, 2019 - 3:37 pm

Teresa @ SF Oh I am so so happy for you all. Exciting News! I was just thinking the other day if you guys plan to have another baby. I will be praying for a healthy baby and mama. Blessings indeed

October 23, 2019 - 3:11 pm

Ourhomeofmanyblessings Oh congrats,mama!!!!! Soooo happy for you!!!

October 23, 2019 - 2:59 pm

Brenda I am SO HAPPY & EXCITED!!!! xoxoxooxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

October 23, 2019 - 2:22 pm

Kristal Congratulations Gigi and family! Children are truly a blessing, and I love the open heart you have so willingly shared with the internet world about accepting each new child into your home with love and joy. May I ask, what will be the age ranges of your children when this new little one arrives? Congrats again!

October 23, 2019 - 1:55 pm

Rebecca Oh yay!!! I am also having a baby the first of April — our #6! So excited to follow your journey! And I LOVE your shirt!

October 23, 2019 - 1:13 pm

Regina Shea Oh Gigi I’m so excited for you all! I can’t wait for your baby to get here. I’ll be praying you have an easy pregnancy and delivery.

October 23, 2019 - 12:28 pm

Lynnea Such wonderful, exciting news ~ very happy for you and your family!
Visiting here always leaves me with nuggets of encouragement and inspiration!
Thank you for sharing another lovely video!
With love and prayers ~ Lynnea